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The Government confirmed that in 10 days they are leaving to look for more vaccines

The minister of Savalanche, Ginés González García, confirmed in a press conference that in mid-January they will send a plane of Argentinian airlines in search of the second doses of the vaccine Satellite V of Russia. He also explained that they are negotiating with three laboratories for the acquisition of other vaccines.

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“We bought a total of 20 million of this vaccine, so the transfer of vaccines to Argentina will begin to be almost incessant,” the minister said at a press conference at the institute. Malbrán, together with the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero.

Meanwhile, González García said that “one of the mechanisms that we had thought from the beginning, that we had paid for the vaccine but it seemed that it was very late, told us yesterday that in March came the AstraZeneca vaccine. “

“At the end of March a very important quantity of the vaccine that is manufactured here also enters, also from AstraZeneca,” he added. González García also confirmed that “negotiations are continuing” with three other suppliers and reiterated that “a new proposal was made to Pfizer to see if they accept.”

“We want to have all suppliers; today we are negotiating with China one million doses by January and with Brazil, which is producing another of the Chinese development vaccines, “said the minister.

The official stressed that “there is a drama in the world today because there are no vaccines, and the vaccines that exist are difficult to work with, that is why we want to continue expanding vaccines and arrive at a form of application that allows the massiveness that this must have. to get immunity quickly. “

“The care that was taken was no longer taken, and until the vaccine works, there are still a few months left, so today distance and care is essential,” he concluded.

Confirmed: night curfew starting Friday

The Government confirmed this Thursday that from this Friday the night restriction will begin to apply to try to reduce the contagion of coronavirus: “The measures will be defined this afternoon. They are being drafted at this time. And they will be published tomorrow, when they will begin to rule, “explained the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero, about the restriction that will run from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am.

During a ceremony at the Malbrán Institute and accompanied by the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, the national official added: “If the increase in cases continues to be sustained, we have the decision of the national government, the governors and the mayors to advance in measures restriction of circulation “.

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