The government agreed to a small correction to the project …

At the beginning of the special session in which the Law of legal interruption of pregnancy, the senator Norma Durango He announced that the project will have a correction in the regulatory process by the Executive Power.

From this last minute negotiation, the initiative would receive the votes of Edgardo Kueider and Alberto Weretilneck and would be closer to being approved.

The reporting member and president of the Women’s Bank stated that a partial veto to two paragraphs of the norm was agreed with the national government to eliminate the word “integral” from the texts of the law. These are articles 4 and 16 of the project under discussion.

The fourth article establishes that “women and people with other gender identities with the capacity to carry a child have the right to decide and have access to the termination of their pregnancy up to the fourteenth (14) week, inclusive, of the gestational process” and that “outside the term provided in the preceding paragraph, the pregnant person has the right to decide and access the termination of her pregnancy only in the following situations: if the pregnancy was the result of rape “or if” the life or integral health of the pregnant person ”.

Article 16, meanwhile, modifies article 86 of the Penal Code that “abortion carried out with the consent of the pregnant person up to the fourteenth (14) week inclusive of the gestational process is not a crime.”

Outside the established period, abortion will not be punishable if the pregnancy was the product of rape or if “the life or integral health of the pregnant person was at risk.”

“Given the concerns that this change in the original Law generated, we have promoted in consultation with the Executive Power so that, at the time of promulgation, it is partially observed to clarify the objective of the proposal, which is to maintain the causes of the legal interruption of pregnancy in force since 1921 ”, described Durango.

The decision released by the legislator would pave the way for two of the senators who were in doubt when supporting the initiative, such as Edgardo Kueider from Entre Ríos and Alberto Weretilneck from Rio Negro, to review their position.

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