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The Government affirmed that it is not afraid of the possible judicialization of the abortion law

“We are not afraid of the possible judicialization of the Abortion Law, if any lawsuit is presented we will respond accordingly”, he asserted.

Gómez Alcorta argued that “The balance of everything that happened with abortion is clearly positive; the world is turning green “.

“Now the implementation of abortion is missing; In the next few days there should already be legal abortions without any problems ”, he added.

For the official, “The challenge is for the right to abortion to be a reality in every corner of the country”.

Regarding the requirements of the IVE, he mentioned that “there are some provinces and cities where the health system can attend” those demands of the law of Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy immediately, when the law enters into force, and cited the case of Santa Fe, which produces misoprostol, which is the medication used, in state laboratories.

“The Ministry of Health has already made a purchase to provide all the provinces with misoprostol and plans another purchase through the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA),” he said, noting that This acquisition enables the drug to be obtained at “very affordable prices.”

The minister acknowledged that the operation of the IVE law “It will be uneven from the beginning, but the Government will work so that the distribution networks reach everywhere.”

“The law guarantees the right to conscientious objection, so it will be necessary to see in each place where many doctors resort to that how referral networks are built to guarantee the right to abort,” he considered.

He also explained in statements to CNN Radio that “abortion ceased to be a crime from the moment it became law”, which incorporates it into the mandatory medical program, so “there should be no problems with social and prepaid works” .

The Senate signed the legalization of abortion into law, in a historic session that was followed by thousands of protesters and women’s groups from all over the country and in whichl The Plan of 1000 days of comprehensive health care during pregnancy and early childhood was also approved.

The “yes” to the legalization of abortion (through the Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy project) until the 14th week of gestation was imposed by 38 affirmative votes and 29 negative votes and one abstention, after an agreement reached with some indefinite senators for retouching in the text at the time of promulgation.

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