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The Gossip Girl looks that are trending in the middle of 2021

For other generations it was Friends or Beverly Hills 90210, but for me it was Gossip Girl that series whose chapters, dialogues and, of course, looks, I learned by heart. Eric Daman, the production’s costume designer, knew exactly what he was doing when looking for inspiration on the streets of New York by watching the street style of the young women of the Upper East Side, probably intuiting that that was the fashion that would dress us in the future.

Between the curiosities of Gossip Girl We will find that Daman was inspired by three style muses to create the wardrobe: Audrey Hepburn for the early version of Blair, Victoria Beckham for her development to maturity, and Kate Moss for Serena Van der Woodsen. Could it be that today’s world is made up of ‘Audreys, Victorias and Kates’? The trends They keep talking and the American series continues to filter through them, with a hint of melancholy and another bit of controversy, as it seems impossible that in the middle of 2021 we are about to write an ode to the corny details on the collars of blouses and shirts, such well did Blair Waldorf ever.

What Gossip Girl trends are still alive? We made a strategic selection of the looks that we would continue to wear.

The Gossip Girl looks that are still trending in 2021

El primer look the Serena Van der Woodsen (and of the entire series actually) is the most timeless of all. Classic, elegant and uncomplicated, a navy t-shirt matching jeans, a camel jacket and a matching scarf, they put the character played by Blake Lively In our scenario, to warn us that we would have to pay close attention to the following six. In the middle of 2021, this is an outfit that anyone would wear in multiple scenarios.

Serena’s Slit Pants

The pants with slits to the sides have been a hit since Victoria Beckham proposed them in 2019, but there was someone who took them first and of course it had to be Serena van der Woodsen. If we wanted to dress like Gossip Girl en 2021, This garment would definitely have to be formed in the front row to combine it in the most avant-garde ways. The character wore a top with peplum, cut out (another current trend) and an open neckline.

El look de working girl de Blair Waldorf

Heading into the fourth season of Gossip Girl, the Blair’s style evolution, addressing more to girl boss by Victoria Beckham and subtly walking away from Audrey. Here, with a golden Balmain jacket, Leighton Meester’s character taught us the value of a piece statement. It was one of the few times we saw her in pants, with a harmoniously coordinated outfit that, personally, I would wear a thousand times for the office.

Blair’s romantic dress

Romantic, with eyelets, ultra-feminine and ready for spring. The detail of the neck with ruffles and flared sleeves are still elements that we find in dresses of this nature still today, whether at Zara or in updated high-fashion versions (it’s easy to imagine Rodarte or Molly Goddard designing their own interpretation of this white dress).

Jenny Humphrey’s yellow trench coat

Did someone say amarillo illuminating? Yes, one of the colors of the year selected by the Pantone Institute starred in one of Jenny Humphrey’s best looks in the first season of Gossip Girl. The trench coat would probably need a few updates to bring it up to 2021, but it’s certainly time to shine in unexpected colors like this one that does all the work when you’re wearing it.

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