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The ghost town with abandoned million dollar mansions in the USA – International

A TikToker posted a video of the town Indian Ridge Resort Community, a project located in the state of Measure, USA, that was abandoned over the years after a financial crisis of its investors.

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In the images, you can see the Amazing million dollar mansions left adrift and that today are only visited by curious people.

According to the lawyer Carrie Jernigan, author of the video that already has 14.7 million views on the social network, originally, the project of the ghost town which was announced in 2006 was thought as one of the state’s big bets, whose amount agreed by the developers was 1.6 billion dollars.

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(If you read us from the app, see the TikTok video here).

In approximately 365 hectares of land, it was planned to make a exclusive resort with 390 rooms, the largest water park in the country, a golf course, a port, a museum and luxurious residential houses, but all came to nothing after the scams uncovered by the banks that financed the development.

“Essentially, they were lying in the requests to multiple banks for massive amounts of money, and when they received them, they were not investing them in Indian Ridge Resort, but in old loans that were in default and in some of their personal businesses.”Jernigan assured.

As it turned out, after the historical crisis of 2008, the businessmen decided not to invest more in the project, so it ended up abandoned. Over the years, the deterioration of the buildings began to be noticed.

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