The future of the nuclear deal is at stake

IAccording to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), ran has announced further violations of the international nuclear agreement. The country announced in a letter its intention to enrich uranium up to a degree of 20 percent, the International Atomic Energy Agency announced on Friday. When the process should begin is not specified in the letter of December 31.

The Russian representative to the IAEA, Mikhail Ulyanov, had previously reported on the Iranian enrichment plans on the Internet service Twitter, citing IAEA boss Rafael Grossi. One diplomat spoke of “another blow” for the nuclear deal.

The 2015 international nuclear deal is designed to ensure that Iran does not acquire the capabilities to build an atomic bomb. However, the American President Donald Trump unilaterally terminated the agreement he considered inadequate in May 2018 and then put new sanctions into force against Tehran. Then Iran gradually withdrew from the agreement. According to the latest IAEA report published in November, Tehran recently enriched uranium to a degree of purity that was above the limit of the Vienna Agreement of 3.67 percent, but below the limit of 4.5 percent set by the IAEA.

Sipri: “The mood has turned”

The director of the peace research institute Sipri sees the future of the nuclear agreement with skepticism, even under the future American President Joe Biden. Even if the Democrat should pursue other strategic priorities than the current incumbent Donald Trump and say goodbye to his political style: “A successful resumption of the agreement could cost more political capital than Joe Biden is willing to invest,” said Institute Director Dan Smith of the “newcomers.” Osnabrück Newspaper ”.

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