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The funeral company confused the bodies of the young women who died in the tragic New Year’s Eve

The New Year began in Córdoba with a fatality behind the wheel. In the early hours of January 1, the city witnessed an incredible accident in the area of ​​Avenida Circunvalación. At the scene, six teenagers were involved in a rollover, skidding and subsequent fall into a ravine near the Hogar Clase Media neighborhood. Due to the fact, two women -Eliana Benítez and Candela Martínez Bonaldi- and a 17-year-old adolescent, died. Meanwhile, three other young people were seriously injured.

On Saturday morning, both young women -Eliana and Candela- were veiled at the Caruso funeral home on Juan B Justo street. But despite being able to experience their pain, both families had to experience an incredible event: the funeral home confused the bodies of the young women.

Nadia Benitez, sister of one of the deceased young women, told Vía Córdoba how the situation was. “Eliana’s wake was from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and Candela’s began at 1 p.m. and ended at 3 p.m. They both went to different cemeteries but they were evenings in the same place, Caruso,” he begins by recounting.

Eliana Benítez was only 20 years old and passed away instantly. (Via Córdoba)

Prior to this situation, Nadia was the one who had to go to the morgue and remove her sister’s belongings. “In the morgue they told me that my sister’s body was fine, that it was not necessary to recognize her because we were going to be able to watch her with an open drawer. At the scene, they gave me her document, her belongings, and I knew she was my sister.

Later, the corresponding procedures were carried out in Caruso to start the wake. “I return home, and they call me to say that they had already searched the morgue for the body, that it was badly beaten and that they suggested that it go to a locked drawer. So, I told them that if so, we wanted to see her. They told us that only one person could enter to recognize it, only 30 minutes. It was her father who entered and confirmed that it was Eliana’s body.

On Saturday, at the time of the wake, the family had to adapt to the protocols to be able to make the final farewell. But at that moment, the body that was inside the drawer was not Eliana’s, it was Candela. “We watch it in a closed drawer. I spent an hour crying over my sister’s supposed drawer ”, Nadia says anguished.

“Cande’s mother opened the drawer and saw that it was not her daughter who was being watched”

In the last minutes of Eliana’s ceremony, the Benitez family came to offer their condolences to the Bonaldi family. It was Candela’s mother who began to doubt the body that was inside the coffin they were watching. “As we get closer, Cande’s mother asks us if Eli wore rings. They had not been able to see the body. But they opened the drawer, touched her hand, and saw the rings. Cande had a tattoo on one of her arms that the mother did not see, and she did not wear rings. At the time I said no, that I was confused, that my dad had seen and it was my sister who was in the drawer. “

The Benitez family was already in the Parque Los Álamos cemetery when a friend of both families informed them that the person they were burying was not Eliana but Candela. “They tell us that Cande’s mother opened the drawer and saw that the girl inside had braces and Candela wasn’t wearing braces; my sister does ”.

Candela Bonaldi Martínez was 21 years old and also died on the spot.

After this information, they contact Caruso and ask them to open the drawer that is still in the funeral home. “When my mother first came to the company, they didn’t want to open the drawer, but then they agreed. When they opened it, my mother confirmed that it was my sister who was there, and Candela’s body was the one that we had veiled and buried. They didn’t give my mother solutions, so I went to the company and spoke with Rodrigo, the sales manager, who treated me very badly, the first thing he said was “Sosegate and sit down” ”.

Faced with this situation, both families wanted to make what happened public so that this does not happen again. “They cannot have a margin of error. I can understand that anyone in other jobs can make mistakes, but they can’t. They were just two bodies, which did not lend themselves to confusion because my dad had already recognized my sister. Even the coffins were different, ”Nadia claims.

And he continues: “There I told them that I was not interested in money, but I wanted them to give me a solution because I was not going to watch my sister again but I wanted them to solve it and, at least, apologize for this situation.”

After this, another misunderstanding occurred. Nadia coordinated an ambulance to go to the cemetery to make the change, but the assistance did not come; they had to call again and, according to the interviewee, they justified that “they thought they were the ones who were going to move to the headquarters to change the body.”

Finally, the company sent Eliana’s body to Parque Los Alamos. “They sent the ambulance, and the funeral that was supposed to last until 1 pm ended at 4:30 pm. They arrived, they asked me if I wanted to see the body again and we didn’t want to open it again, ”Nadia concluded.

Both families will initiate legal action against the company for what happened. “Now we are in a moment where the only thing that matters is the pain that this caused us. But when everything is settled we will initiate legal action. We don’t want this to happen again ”.

This medium contacted Caruso personnel and they preferred not to provide statements in this regard. Although they clarified that they were analyzing the case and that on Monday, the managers will analyze what happened.

* This text was originally published by Vía País. It is reproduced here with the corresponding authorization.


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