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The freshest and most seductive perfumes to enjoy summer 2021

It could be even somewhat predictable that with the arrival of hot days we find ourselves in search of new perfumes that capture the essence of summer. It is about the moment when flowers, fruits and plants are reborn in all their splendor, something that translates into captivating scents that can transport us in an instant to the beach of our dreams.

Added to the favorite perfumes for women for 2021 are those that play between sweet and citrus notes, but with one factor in common: they are all soda smells that will represent a source of inspiration during the hottest weeks of the year. So if what you need is a change, here could be just the solution and we are not necessarily talking about a haircut. We list them below.

Anise and orange

A touch of the ‘Almond of Sicily’ of Acqua di Parma will transport you directly to those turquoise blue waters that characterize the Mediterranean Sea, a mixture of sensuality, rays of sun and infinite sky. It is a perfect perfume to seduce, with top notes of star anise, bergamot and orange. The heart is made of enveloping citrus accents like green almonds, cedar, vanilla, and white moss.

Citrus garden

If in addition to freshness you need a touch of intensity, then ‘Take Me Out’ de Mugler it is the catalyst you need. This intense cologne fuses the sweetness of the orange blossom with the versatility of shiso leaves. Designed by Jean-Christophe Herault, This energizing scent is suitable to be worn by both women and men and if you love fruity perfumes then it will be ideal for you.

Grapefruit and rose petals

The goal in creating the ‘Pink grapefruit concentrate Eau de toilette‘of Hermès was to achieve’ freedom in tradition ‘. This is how they come to this union between grapefruit, roses and vetiver to find a bittersweet cologne where citrus notes prevail, but in which a new style is also achieved by combining it with roses. It is a fresh, delicate perfume that reflects the art of living, according to the description of the brand.

Spicy ginger

The ‘Aqua Allegory Ginger ‘ is part of one of the first perfumery collections created by Guerlain and that it has precisely the objective of being a splash freshness. The thread that drives this narrative is bergamot, one of the key ingredients of the brand. It mixes with aphrodisiac notes of ginger with fresh roses, granita pear, basilic mandarin and Cherrysia flora. The design of the bottle pays homage to the mythical Bee Jar.

Chamomile heart

The ‘Gucci Memory of a Smell’ is a fragrance that aims to transcend gender to go to a much deeper question: the power of memory. To get it part of dominant notes of Roman chamomile, flowers that grow on the landscaped terraces of Rome. To these is added jasmine, musk, vanilla, sandalwood and cedar. The bottle evokes those characteristic columns of the ancient world, while a starry sky is drawn on the box, inspired by Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.

Thus with closed eyes, perfumes have the ability to make us travel to a precise moment in time and space. Sometimes that destination is a very clear specific place, but it could also turn out to be a new journey. Try different scents To which we are accustomed is the best way to see how we are changing over time, according to our tastes and preferences. Surely you can find yourself in bottles that you had not even considered.

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