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The Frente de Todos described Larreta’s absence as inexplicable to agree funds for the Buenos Aires police

“The Head of Government insists on transforming a strictly institutional issue – definitively ordering the framework of the transfer of the Federal Police carried out in 2016 in a defective way by Mauricio Macri- into a political conflict”, said the bench of the Frente de Todos in a document.

Rodríguez Larreta communicated yesterday in a letter his decision not to attend the meeting called by the National Executive to begin dealing with the transfer of the police to the capital district, noting that he raised before the Supreme Court “the unconstitutionality” of the norm sanctioned by The congress.

The Buenos Aires bloc of the Frente de Todos expressed “its deepest concern, in the face of the inexplicable rejection made by the Porteño Executive to the call for dialogue carried out by the National Executive Power, within the framework of Law 27,606”.

He added that Rodríguez Larreta’s decision “It prevents us from Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires to reach a permanent agreement with the force of law, which defines the budgetary items corresponding to said transfer, in accordance with the provisions of Article 75 subsection 2 paragraph 5 of the National Constitution.”

In the communiqué, the FdT stressed that “the judicialization carried out by the City Government is not a valid basis for the rejection of the dialogue, since -in no way- there has been any conditioning for said call, nor does it imply any waiver of the judicial action “.

In that sense, he specified “We urge the authorities to comply with an Act of Congress that seeks, neither more nor less, than to give legal certainty in the future, to an issue that the previous Government resolved by decree and without any serious analysis in terms of budget items “.

Along the same lines, he pointed out that “the rejection of dialogue is never an option, even less when it comes to, neither more nor less, than reaching an agreement on numbers that are on the table and that only have to be analyzed.”

The communiqué ends with a request to the head of government to “review this incomprehensible decision and return to the path of rationality and democratic dialogue.”

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