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The founder of Spotify "very serious" regarding the purchase of Arsenal

The founder and president of the audio platform Spotify, the Swede Daniel Ek, reiterated on Wednesday his “very serious” interest in the purchase of the English soccer club Arsenal, without being discouraged by the rejection of the current owner, KSE.

“I’m very serious” about the purchase, the businessman, a fan of the club since he was eight years old, told the US channel CNBC. “I raised the funds for it.”

“I am going to present to the owners what seems to me to be an interesting offer and I hope they will listen to me,” he added.

US businessman Stan Kroenke’s Kroenke Sports and Entertainment (KSE) group said Tuesday that it remained “100% committed to Arsenal” and was not “a seller of any stake in the club.”

“We did not receive any offers and we will not accept any offers,” KSE insisted in a statement.

“Obviously, I don’t expect everything to be done immediately,” explained Daniel Ek in response to KSE’s rejection. “I braced myself for the idea that this could go a long way.”

Arsenal are currently 10th in the Premier League, the top division of English football, and could finish the season in their worst ranking since the 1994/95 season (when they were 12th).

The situation of the team is humiliating for the fans of this club 13 times champion of England, the last time in 2004, and 14 times winner of the Cup, although it is in the semifinals of the European League (semifinals), a tournament that in case of winning guarantees you a place in the Champions League.

Added to the club’s poor sporting results is the controversy arising from the announcement of the launch of the Super League, a project that was finally aborted in which Arsenal had to participate.

Thousands of irate Arsenal fans gathered near the Emirates Stadium on Friday ahead of a game against Everton to express their anger over the club’s decision to partner with this project.

Under a wave of criticism, Arsenal finally withdrew 48 hours after the announcement, as did the other five English clubs that were supposed to participate.

The fans, who have long had a strained relationship with Stan Kroenke, asked above all that he sell the club.

“I focus on the fans and trying to get this club on the road to glory,” said Daniel Ek. “I am first and foremost a fan, and I want this club to do better.”


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