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The forest miracle! – Was a high seat Julia’s salvation?

Berlin / Domažlice – Suddenly little Julia (8) was standing in front of him!

The Czech forester Martin Semecký (31) looked for the girl from Berlin with two colleagues in the forest around Domažlice (Czech Republic) on Tuesday after she got lost on a hike with his family. In the morning he looked for the child on a hunter’s perch near a spring. Without success!

Fortunately, the rangers returned to the site at 1.40 p.m. The 31-year-old said in the news program from the new BILD live broadcaster: “She was sitting about ten meters away in the tall grass. We were overjoyed that we found them after such a long time. “

Julia was hypothermic and hungry after the 45 hours in the forest, but could speak. Semecký continues: “It was dry and very clean. Most likely she spent the night on the high seat. “

The wooden observation post could have saved the little girl, given her protection against rain and cold during the night. Semecký believes that she was out in the forest all day and covered many kilometers in the process.

His colleague, who speaks a little German, then talked to the girl. The forest worker: “Julia calmed down, she listened. We put a jacket on her and took her about 700 meters to the car. ”

There the child got something to drink first. Then the forest workers drove her to an ambulance.

At the German-Czech border, the child got into an ambulance and was taken to a clinic in Cham (Bavaria). The Czech forest worker does not want to be celebrated for the rescue. He says modestly: “So many people in Germany and the Czech Republic were looking for Julia. Thanks to all of you now. “

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