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The first round of vaccines against the coronavirus arrived in Santa Fe

It is estimated that on Monday, January 4, another 12 thousand vaccines are expected in the Santa Fe territory with the idea of ​​continuing to receive more items for essential groups in a staggered manner and then expand it to the general population.

Speaking to the press, the province’s Minister of Health, Sonia Martorano, said that the situation of the arrival of the vaccine “is exciting for all. A less than a year after the pandemic started In our country, technology, science and the power of passion have made pwe hear we have a vaccine. We started with the Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, but at the end of March or April we will have the one in Oxford and we are working to have other vaccines by June “

The head of the Health portfolio stressed that this Tuesday begins with health personnel and recalled that although it is “a pilot test” and it is known that “these 12 thousand doses are few “is” a lot of logistics and this serves to refine details”.

The minister confirmed that the next Monday, January 4, another 12 thousand vaccines will also arrive with the first doses while that same month, four million first-dose vaccines and one million second-dose vaccines will arrive in the country.

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The arrival of the first batch of Sputnik V vaccines to Santa Fe.

The arrival of the first batch of Sputnik V vaccines to Santa Fe.

Photo: Virginia Benedetto / La Capital

After ensuring that he will be vaccinated, Martorano recalled that the Russian Federation approved vaccination of people over 60 although he clarified that “the age group of those under 18 years of age has not been studied because they were not the most affected initially, it is not that they cannot be vaccinated. Efficacy has been proven in the group of 18 to 59 years and The study for those over 60 has just been completed and Russia said it is completely safe and effective. Now the one who must give the final approval is the Anmat

On how long it would take to immunize the entire population, Martorano explained that “between January and March we will be with the target population (the most vulnerable), which is 1.2 million people, that is, health, safety, education personnel, over 60 and between 18 and 59 with comorbidityis. There we will have 25 or 30 percent of the population vaccinated. To have immunity we need to have at least 60 percent so after March we will begin mass vaccination, which will take us until July at least. ”


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