Space tourism is no longer something that is left in science fiction movies and is closer than you imagine. For example the station Orbital Assembly, the first hotel in space that will be ready to receive tourists from 2027.

The hotel, whose shape was inspired by those spaceships of “2001: A Space Odyssey” and “Interstellar”, is intended to be a luxurious experience outside of Earth. Its rooms, which range from the most common to family villas, will allow it to host up to 280 guests.

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In addition to the luxurious rooms, the hotel will have all the amenities expected of a five-star hotel and do not worry about gravity as it will use centrifugal force to create artificial gravity and you walk and feel as if you were on Earth.

Of course this hotel will not be cheap at all. The cost for a stay of three days and two nights is around 5 million dollars, equivalent to more than 100 million pesos and you can make your reservation now.

Fortunately, you have time to save as it is expected to be fully functional in 2027.

Currently, there are already several companies that are developing projects to take tourists to space aboard spaceships, but this is the first hotel developed only for interspace travelers.

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