The first baby of 2021 was born in Santiago del Estero

The first birth of the year happened at 0.03 when Emanuel was born at the Faustino Herrera Maternity, in the Santiago city of La Banda.

The baby weighed 4,100 kg and came into the world by natural birth, without any complications, since “Both the mother and the baby are in good health and tomorrow they will be discharged”, sAccording to the nurse Diego Aguirre a Télam.

Meanwhile, the young 28-year-old mother, Ervelinda Suarez, a native of Monte Quemado, commented that on Wednesday she entered the hospital in labor, adding “He is my first child, it was a unique experience and I already feel very well.”

In addition, the mother indicated that she gave him the name Emanuel, not only because she liked it, but because it is of Hebrew origin and means “God is with us,” and there are still no photos of the baby.

The second baby, who was born in a public maternity hospital in the city of Rosario, is called Rodrigo and it reached 25 minutes into 2021.

first year baby 2021

The mayor of Rosario, Paul Javkin, stated that the baby was born in the maternity ward of the Roque Sáenz Peña Hospital, in the southern area of ​​Rosario.

He added that, “His name will be Rodrigo, he weighed 2,400 kilograms and it was due to natural childbirth. His mother, Nadia, 19, is very well and very happy.”

first baby 2021

It is traditional that in this city in the south of Santa Fe, every year each mayor welcomes those born in the first hours of each year and gives gifts for the baby and the mother; rite that this year due to the pandemic was not fulfilled.

“Rodrigo, came in a special year and we hope that with him we can open ourselves to hope to overcome the pandemic, we are all very happy”Javkin added and announced that he will visit the baby and his family in the coming months when the established protocols allow it.

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