The FGR will prosecute those denounced by Emilio Lozoya next week

On July 17, 2020, Emilio Lozoya returned to Mexico linked to the crimes of operations with resources of illicit origin, criminal association, bribery and illicit enrichment. At the end of that month, a judge set a period of six months to define the legal situation of Lozoya Austin, who sought to adhere to the criterion of opportunity in exchange for offering information about an alleged corruption network in which senior former officials and officials were allegedly involved. even former presidents.

Since he arrived in Mexico, Lozoya has not stepped on the prison at any time and on the contrary made a complaint of facts and the extension of it, in which he revealed that former presidents Enrique Peña Nieto, Felipe Calderón and Carlos Salinas were involved in acts corruption, as well as several names of former legislators who were allegedly co-opted to support the approval of the energy reform.

In this regard, this Wednesday, President López Obrador considered that it has taken the Attorney General’s Office a long time to carry out the corresponding investigations, but clarified that he trusts the work carried out by the prosecutor.

“He is a man of integrity and committed to the administration of justice, however, I agree that a long time has passed, although I also imagine that things are being done well, the evidence is being presented, in short, the investigation takes some time”, referred.

López Obrador asked the prosecutor Gertz Manero to report on the progress made in the investigation in the case of Emilio Lozoya, but also of others who are in the Prosecutor’s Office, taking care of due process.

“It is time for all these matters to be aired, for there to be information. There is a limitation of due process, but there may be information ”, he considered.

At the end of this month of January, the deadline for the Attorney General’s Office to determine the legal status of Emilio Lozoya, that is, whether or not he formally accuses the former official of the government of Enrique Peña Nieto.

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