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The Federalist Alliance demands transparency in vaccination plan

The governors of the Federalist Alliance They assured that the people of Mexico will receive the vaccine against the new coronavirus in a dropper, and its distribution would take months or even years.

Through messages on their Twitter account, the federalist leaders demanded total transparency to know what is the planning and criteria for choosing the entities in which the vaccine will be applied and the corresponding doses.

“The Mexican people will receive the vaccine dropper over the next few months or even years; for this reason total transparency is needed. What is the planning and criteria for choosing the states and the doses that correspond to them?”

In addition, they assured that the misinformation and the lack of coordination that persists in the handling of the vaccine generate mistrust and uncertainty in the population of the entire country.

They also accused that it seems that Mexican society is not a priority and that balances of the world market were bought; For this reason, from their organization they demanded clear information and certainty.

“The misinformation and lack of coordination that persist in the management of vaccine they generate mistrust and uncertainty throughout # Mexico. It seems that we are not a priority and that we buy the balances of the world market. From the #AF we demand clear information and certainty, “he defined.



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