The F-100 grocer rescued a Chevrolet that got stuck in Las Grutas

If you had to choose a scene to close the crack that exists between the fans of Ford and those of Chevrolet, would be, without a doubt, the one that was filmed yesterday in The Grottoyes, when Cristian Firmapaz, the grocer who earned all the applause braving the water with his F-100, gave a hand to a colleague towing his truck, which had been wedged into the shore.

Grocers and friends. José Espínola’s truck (left) got stuck in the sand due to the broken differential. He was accompanied by Alfreso Salazar, Photo Luciano Cutrera.

And it is not worth claiming who towed who or who was pulling more … the image of that saving gaucho in which both go out, ensuring through cooperation to reach the destination with their cargo, is so powerful that it cancels all favoritism.

The two aboard vehicles that, if they were not seen in action, more than one would suspect that they are for scrapping. “With the lives we give them, it is enough that they put up with us” Cristian joked when talking about the trucks.

Both he and he another driver is engaged in making firewood in the winter months and also in the period prior to the strong season of the classic octopuses, which are generally captured and sold after the start of January. Yesterday, noon surprised them by closing a working day which had started at 4 in the morning.

It all happened like this: loaded with firewood and about to turn around from an area near Fort Argentino, that plateau located 42 km from Las Grutas, José Espínola, the driver of the Chevrolet, it stuck in the sand, going uphill, due to the broken differential, a key piece. I was with Alfredo Salazar, another grocer.

“In the field and on the beach, differences do not exist. We help each other and that’s it.”, says Cristian Firmapaz. Photo Luciano Cutrera.

After a while Cristian arrived, who also, after an exhausting day chopping wood, was returning to the city. “What are you doing, sold?” José yelled at him. Cristian laughed and both organized everything to get out of trouble, as they have done so many times in these years.

“Arriving we arrived, later than expected but each one with the load intact” Cristian was proud, remembering the anecdote. “It is that in the field and on the beach, the differences do not exist. We help each other and that’s it ” synthesized, ruining any difference.

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