The emotional message of Máximo Ravenna’s son: “Total thanks, guru of life”

Máximo Ravenna passed away on December 25 at the age of 73 (Photo: Nicolás Stulberg)
Máximo Ravenna passed away on December 25 at the age of 73 (Photo: Nicolás Stulberg)

On the morning of December 25, they met the sad news of the death of Máximo Ravenna. The renowned nutritionist doctor died at 73 at the Fleni Clinic, after a long fight against cancer. The information caused deep regret among his family, friends and patients, many of them linked to the world of entertainment, who remembered it with affection. And this afternoon, the one who dedicated a few heartfelt words to him was Luciano, one of his four children, remembering him with a photo on his Instagram account.

As Luciano wrote, the image was taken during the last one they attended together. “Beyond work, he transmitted to me the love and passion for music and football, things that marked me for life”, published by the young man who works in the area of ​​communication at the institute named after his father. “Here we were watching and vibrating together with Phil Collins, I remember that it was with crutches because I was already screwed with the prawn, “he added.

In the next part of the message, Luciano speaks directly to his dad. “I’m going and we’re going to miss you a lot, old man. You made all of us who knew you better and we will do everything possible to continue your infinite legacy ”, were the emotional words he chose for his father. To say goodbye, he made reference to the nickname by which he was known in the world of nutrition. “Total thanks, “Guru” of life. You were and will be very important to the history of many “Luciano completed.

The news of Ravenna’s death was confirmed through the official Instagram account of her clinic: “Today he stopped accompanying us with his presence, but he made us his legacy. He was a pioneer, a trainer, a tireless fighter. He taught us to cut with what hurts us, to be measured and to distance ourselves. And that above all things, being together makes it possible to find the best way ”.

Luciano Ravenna's emotional message for his father (Photo: Instagram)
Luciano Ravenna’s emotional message for his father (Photo: Instagram)

Ravenna graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the University of Buenos Aires and from the First Argentine School of Psychotherapies for graduates. Since the beginning of his extensive career has been dedicated to the study of obesity and eating disorders.

Made several postgraduate degrees at different internationally recognized universities, especially in the United States, among which Harvard Medical School, Jackson Memorial Hospital and American Psychological Institute of Science stand out.

As a result of his reputation in the area of ​​obesity, many celebrities have come to his office. Susana Giménez, Diego Maradona, Daisy May Queen, Georgina Barbarossa, La Tota Santillán and Karina Mazzocco were some of those who were treated with Ravenna to lose weight.

Ravenna attended personalities such as Diego Maradona and Susana Giménez (Nicolás Stulberg)
Ravenna attended personalities such as Diego Maradona and Susana Giménez (Nicolás Stulberg)

The “Ravenna method” is based on the cut immediate of the excesses, measure of the portions and distance between meals. His treatment was always interdisciplinary: a joint work of nutrition, psychology and medicine. He approached obesity as a behavior problem, an addiction, or the tendency to eat more than necessary.

In an interview he gave to Infobae In 2016, the nutritionist explained: “Addictive circuits are undoubted, where the brain has two options: decide in the center of logic or through emotions. Then comes the moment in which the compensatory taste of displeasure takes on a life of its own and one begins to eat for pleasure in itself, without something bad having happened to a person in his life.


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