The electricity market operator will limit renewable energy after mega blackout

The national company led by Manuel Bartlett has ensured that the high penetration of renewable power plants in the system that was registered on Monday of last week – 28%, the highest in the record – prevented controlling a failure in the system transmission – presumably caused by a fire in the grasslands of Tamaulipas – which led to the massive power blackout.

“As a preventive measure, in low demands, Cenace will be forced to take part of the intermittent renewable generation out of operation to ensure the reliability of the national system,” it says in a CFE document that was read this afternoon at a press conference that it did not have the presence of representatives of Cenace, the electricity market operator.

The decision, argued the CFE, is due to the fact that in the future wind and solar generation capacity in the electricity system will double, which could lead to imbalances in the transmission and distribution system.

On repeated occasions, the current federal administration has said that in the past six years generation permits were issued in excess, without taking into account the planning of the CFE, which still has control of transmission and distribution services.

The representatives of the state company did not detail when these measures will be taken that will reduce the participation of private actors in the generation market and what the mechanisms will be.

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