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The doctor who denounced influentialism was not from the first line: IMSS

Rocío Navarrete, director of the Pediatric Hospital of the Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI, assured that Dr. Ana Paola de Cosío Farías, who resigned from the institute allegedly for not receiving the vaccine against the new coronavirus, had not seen patients with the disease since October.

“The doctor was not integrated to COVID teams since last October”

“The doctor was not integrated into COVID teams since last October,” he said, and commented that despite this, the name of the health professional was included in the vaccination lists for the first days of January.

“The vaccine is being applied in the first stage to all health workers who participate in COVID-19 hospitals, and priority is given to those who are in the first line of battle, this is to those who have direct contact with patients, “he spread through a video posted on the social networks of the Institute.

The director of the Hospital de Pediatría highlighted that The Government of Mexico expects to conclude the application of vaccines to health personnel at the end of January.

“So far there are no complaints about any worker who is not on this front line of battle and who has been given the vaccine,” he said.

He added that the application of the coronavirus vaccine will be universal and that the Institute ensures that no one skips the line and is vaccinated before the professionals who interact with SarsCoV2-positive patients every day.

“The doses will be for everyone and will reach everyone, so the IMSS works to ensure that no one skips the line, so that there are no arbitrariness, that there is no influentialism,” he concluded.



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