The distribution of Sputnik V to the provinces began …

Starting at 4 in the morning this Sunday, the first trucks loaded with doses of Sputnik V began to leave., the Russian vaccine against the coronavirus that arrived last Thursday in Argentina, from the distribution center located in Avellaneda de Andreani. The company was designated by the national government as the official logistics operator to distribute the 300,000 doses that arrived from Moscow throughout the country.

According to representatives from Andreani, a group of staff was specially trained to transport the 42 thermopallets containing the vaccines in specially conditioned semi-trailers for biological products refrigerated at a temperature between -18 ° and -30 ° C.

The vaccination operation will begin this Tuesday at 9 in the morning and the first to receive Sputnik V will be health workers. President Alberto Fernández affirmed that his goal is to have “the greatest number of people at risk vaccinated” by the time autumn arrives.

For his part, the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, stated that Negotiations are still being made with other global vaccine suppliers to get higher doses as soon as possible. In addition, he informed that the vaccine batches will be transported to each province in Andreani’s refrigerated trucks, with the exception of Tierra del Fuego and Santa Cruz, where they will arrive by plane.

The province of Buenos Aires is the one that will receive the largest amount of Sputnik V (123 thousand doses) due to the amount of population it has. It is followed by Santa Fe with 24,100; the City with 23,100, Córdoba, 21,900; Tucumán, 11,500; Mendoza, 11,100; Entre Ríos, 10,100; Jump, 8300; Chaco, 7700; Corrientes, 6700; Santiago del Estero, 5900; Missions, 5200; San Juan, 4700; Jujuy, 4600; Rio Negro, 4400; Neuquén, 3600; Formosa, 3400; St. Louis, 3300; Chubut, 3000; Catamarca, 2800; La Rioja, 2600; Santa Cruz, 2400; La Pampa, 2300 and Tierra del Fuego, 1300.

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