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The differences between the renewed MINI 2021 range and its predecessors

Thanks to an event organized by MINI in Madrid’s Jarama Circuit, we have been able to discover in person the differences between the renewed MINI 2021 range and its predecessors. In other words, knowing exactly how the British model changes (in its three variants: 3-door, 5-door and Convertible) after the last update it has undergone.

PRUEBA: MINI John Cooper Works GP

A renovation that represents the second major change that the current generation of MINI undergoes, the third in the saga, which was originally introduced at the end of 2013. I then had the opportunity to attend the national presentation, in the same way that I was able to attend the organized event in 2018 when they introduced important novelties with the first great restyling of the model.

And today I have done the same by being present at the first appearance before the Spanish press of the MINI 2021, the second great transformation that he undergoes. Now it sports a more pure and modern design, it has new features in the equipment section and a more competitive price. Let’s see how it has changed and what attributes it adds with respect to what we already knew.

These are the novelties of the exterior of the MINI 2021

And for this we start talking about the exterior and more specifically, the front. As you can see in the photo above, it sports a new bumper and integrates a redesigned grill. The latter has larger dimensions, as it now extends to the lower apron in all variants. The MINI 2021 that you can see in the images has a John Cooper Works finish, the sportiest in the range, in which we find a more aggressive-looking grille that extends in front of the traditional bumper.

In the more conventional variants, this piece is located in front of the grille and is painted in the same color as the bodywork. Thanks to this, they achieve a cleaner and more modern appearance. If we move from the front, mention that the appearance of the headlights also varies slightly. These, in addition, are now LEDs throughout the range. Another novelty in this area is the elimination of the fog lamps, which have been replaced by openings to improve aerodynamics.

In the side view, you have to have a very good eye to perceive the differences of the MINI 2021 range compared to previous versions. For this you have to look at the renewed design of the alloy wheels, with options unpublished to date. Another point that can serve as a reference to identify the new one are the side indicators, which are now LED and have a simpler design, being integrated into the decorative detail that they shine on the front wings. The look of the mirrors is also slightly different.

If we continue towards the rear, we find a different bumper with black moldings that in all variants emphasize the width of the whole. In the case of the John Cooper Works, it also includes a generous rear diffuser reminiscent of the powerful Mini John Cooper Works GP, the exclusive limited edition that cost no less than 45,900 euros.

A modernized and more connected interior

The interior of the MINI 3 doors, MINI 5 doors and MINI Convertible 2021 there are also multiple changes. The seats are new in some of the variants, as well as the upholstery or the air vents on the dashboard. The decorative moldings that adorn this area are also different; or the screen of the multimedia system, which now reaches 8.8 inches and introduces improved functions that make its operation even more like that of a next-generation phone.

The steering wheel also varies in all versions of the range. It maintains a design with three spokes, but it sports a more current look and more importantly, it presents new controls. These have a more modern design. And despite what their image may suggest, they are still physical and non-tactile buttons, which keeps them easy to operate without taking your eyes off the road.

Just above the steering wheel, which by the way can be heated, we find the digital display of the Connected Media system. It is 5 inches and in it you can consult all the relevant information for driving. It is standard on the electric MINI. Finally, to say that the ergonomics have improved slightly thanks to the adoption of the electric handbrake in some versions, which frees up space in the center console and allows to relocate some controls.

Unaltered mechanical range and more competitive prices

Where there are no appreciable news is in the supply of engines. The range remains unchanged in terms of power, torque or performance figures, but improves slightly in terms of consumption or polluting emissions. They have new technology to manage the exhaust gases, including a new particle filter, so that now all variants comply with the Euro 6d emission level.

As for prices, say that they are more competitive thanks to a more extensive standard equipment. There are even variants that are more affordable than before, such as the MINI Cooper S, which depending on the chosen bodywork can be between 450 euros and almost 1,000 euros more affordable than before. The prices, provided by the manufacturer, are arranged as follows:

Version MINI 3 doors MINI 5 doors MINI Convertible
One 22.300 euros 23.100 euros 26.300 euros
Cooper 24.600 euros 25.400 euros 28.600 euros
Cooper S 29.500 euros 30.300 euros 33.500 euros
Electric 34.200 euros
John Cooper Works 35.900 euros 42.700 euros

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