The DGT studies a change of registration that would affect thousands of cars

The DGT studies a change of registration that would affect thousands of cars

The DGT is studying a new change in the registration of Spanish cars, which in this case affects thousands of units in Spain, specifically all those that already fall into the category of classic cars. In our country, this cataloging is carried out on models that are over 30 years old and from that moment on they must comply with special regulations regarding revision or registration material.


Well, now the DGT is preparing a draft by which these models would change the type of plate that they carry on the front and on the back and it would be mandatory to include an “H” at the beginning. In this way, it would be easily identifiable when a model has passed to the classic phase, with all the obligations that this entails.

More than 6 million cars affected

It is not a trivial measure, quite the opposite, because in Spain more than 6 million cars circulate with the classic vitola to overcome 30 years old. For this reason, FEVA has been working on it for several months in collaboration with the DGT, as announced in this statement.

If the measure is launched and is finally approved, it would mean an improvement for owners of classic cars because, among other things and as clarified by the FEVA “It simplifies and makes the historical registration process cheaper so that no vehicle is left out of it based on its value and, without losing rigor regarding originality and conservation, administrations can legislate without exceptions to our vehicles the regulations that They are about to come”

David Lopez March 31, 2021 – 11:01 a.m.

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