the definitions of Alberto Fernández on Radio 10

Here are some of their definitions on the most important topics:

Pandemic and economy

“Governing in a pandemic is the closest thing to walking in a swamp, you never know where you stand. As time went by, we gained experience and we were able to cope with it. But the pandemic forced us into a double fight: against the virus and for the economy. I tried from the first moment to preserve the health of Argentines. We had to reinvent ourselves and that’s how ATP came about; later we realized that we had 9 million Argentines outside the system, and we gave them the IFE. Those who could most had to help in this context and that is why we made that voluntary contribution that came out of Congress for a project by Máximo and Heller. They were months of seeing how to carry it “.

“With Daniel Arroyo we take care of obtaining the Alimentar card and we take food to all points of Argentina”.

“I hope to launch in January the table of the Social Economic Council, which Gustavo Béliz will take over, and we already have very advanced agreements with the automotive sector, which is very important and has grown a lot this time; and we are opening new markets , as with Chile. We have to give a boost there and that the cars have more and more Argentine components. “

“Next year we have everything for Argentina to grow.”

Debt external

“We did everything while we had to face the debt issue, and we faced it. And we were able to reach an agreement with the creditors, the whole world was surprised that we achieved it, because it is an agreement that allows Argentina to save 38 billion of dollars, and it allows us that this year we have paid 7 billion dollars of debt, and the incoming 12 billion dollars. All that money will be used for production and work. “

“I believe that we are progressing well with the negotiations with the IMF, I believe that they are seeing results of our management and it seems to me that we have managed to get the technical teams in tune with our proposals and proposals, which basically are that we need to grow to pay, not shrink. But this time, with Kristalina Georgieva up front, it seems different. They take into account that the path we choose is the correct one. “

Coronavirus Vaccine

“I personally took care of trying to get vaccines for Argentina. I did not want Argentina to be in that underworld where they look to the northern world how they get vaccinated. I spoke with all the laboratories, and I must admit that the Russian Federation had an exceptional treatment with us, and I will always be grateful, and we managed to get 300 thousand vaccines for health personnel. “

“The only thing I hear is criticism to question the quality of a vaccine that was developed by a laboratory (Gamaleya) that has received several Nobel prizes, and which at this time AstraZéneca consulted to improve their vaccine.”

“There is another vaccine (Pfizer) that has serious problems in the logistics of transfers, and whose makers ask for so many preventions to guarantee their immunity against a possible failure, and that is the one they ask me to bring. I would be delighted but they don’t come because of the amount of demands they have. The negotiations continue but Pfizer put so many precautions to define their responsibility that they demand things from us that nobody has demanded of us, and it turns out that this is the one that must be brought.

“By the end of January we will have 4 million from the first dose and 1 million from the second dose of the Gamaleya vaccine. In February we will have the number of doses that are left to finish vaccinating 10 million Argentines. From Gamaleya they were so generous that they offered us 10 million more doses for March, and I will sign it in case the AstraZeneca vaccine is delayed. “

“The pandemic continues to be the priority. This new strain that has appeared in Europe is more virulent in terms of infections, and we have to be careful. I had made a plan that by autumn 13 million Argentines who are exposed, as staff of health and safety, and those with prevalent diseases are vaccinated. If we achieve that, we will arrive in March more relieved. “

“What about Carrió seems to me not very serious. To put a vaccine is to poison? To poison is to let vaccines expire. I don’t know with what face they speak. The big media in Argentina protect them”


“The only thing they are trying to do is generate discouragement in Argentine society, they want a people with sit-down arms and when this happens is when the loans come and then run away. We need a people mobilized, awake and eager for rights.”

“When I read that I gave in to Cristina or that he punished Larreta, I can’t believe it. They have a vocation to divide.”

“There is a crazy journalism that needs to get rid of hatred. They respond to interests, but people are going to discover that there is other journalism.”

“Clarín has operators in the Justice. They have lobbyists who tour the courts. And other newspapers as well.”

Management year

“No one knows what I and my ministers went through when managing the pandemic. We did not know which was the right path because there was no manual. I am very calm with my conscience, I know that we put our best to face this pandemic.”

“We may have been wrong in some measures.”

“I think we approved.”


“It was us against a whole people and an economic system that was the countryside. If we had all come to an agreement, the State could have saved Vicentin. Now they long for the possibility of the State intervening, but now they let everything fall apart. pieces, that is why it is also an apprenticeship for those banners that promulgate Clarín, Channel 13 “


“In Argentina there is a factual power that continues to deny. Journalists are spokesmen for that economic power and many judges are the scribes of that power.”

“Sometimes I wonder how justice acts? The Court thought a matter of urgency and institutional gravity the movement of two unknown judges to whom I do not know any writings. But the sentence of a former vice president did not seem important. “.

“Justice that fulfills the wishes of factual power does not do justice.”

“Many judges are afraid of being on the cover of Clarín.”

“I love the republic, that’s why I don’t like how justice is handled.”

“We need the federal justice system to be reformed for this to work differently.”

“I made my contribution and as soon as I arrived I made the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) separate from justice. D’Alessio was finished. Now the rest of the political forces have to do their part, otherwise they are accomplices of this sinister system. ”

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