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The date on which it will be played again at Rommel Fernández

One of the great debates that is taking place with the selection of Panama it is where to move the premises in order to have a good playing field. There was talk from going to play at the Rod Carew National Stadium to going to another country to play the remaining home games of the Concacaf Qualifiers.

The big problem is the work being done in the Rommel Fernandez. The Director of Pandeportes, Eduardo Cerda, spoke with the press and told the project that they have planned to improve it. In addition, he explained what are the problems that end up delaying the end of the work.

“At the end of the road we are going to do something good and modern, with a hybrid pitch that few countries in Latin America have. We have to make a survey of specifications, present it to different levels of the Government. Sometimes people get covid-19 and the institutions close it for 15 days and things like this have delayed this “, said the manager.

Eduardo Cerda confirmed that, if everything went according to plan, Rommel Fernández would be available to the national team for September of this year. That is to say, Panama could play the final phase of the Concacaf Qualifiers in its mythical stadium and without problems with the field of play, something that the national team players are asking for.

For now, The Federation has already requested permission to play the game against the Dominican Republic at Rod Carew, where baseball is usually played in canal lands.. If there were no problems, it would be played there and the venue would not be moved to another country as has been analyzed.

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