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The damage that network filters are causing to teenagers

Filters in networks are very common today and are used by thousands of users, distorting reality.

And this makes the self-esteem of women, especially adolescents, affected and vulnerable, since they consider that as they are they do not look beautiful, but they need filters.

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This thanks to what is seen in networks, where famous and influencers They use filters and Photoshop in each post to show a different reality, and young women want to look like them.

The damage that network filters are causing to teenagers

A recent study by personal care product line Dove revealed a worrying and alarming number of young people who are using online filters.

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“One in four young people does not look good enough if they do not edit their photos and 20% acknowledge feeling disappointed that they don’t look like real life that he has in his photos of the platforms ”, says part of the study.

In addition, 69% of girls try to hide or modify parts of their body when taking a photo that they want to publish on networks.

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“The face, hair, skin, lips and abdomen are the parts of the body that young people edit the most, in this order. In Spain, 72% of 13-year-old girls have already downloaded a filter or photo retouching application ”, reveals the investigation.

Dove Campaign to Increase Self-Esteem and Confidence in Women

Because of this, Dove decided to launch a campaign to raise awareness about the effects of excessive filter use on young women.

In fact, he released a video called What’s behind the selfie, which shows the time a young woman spends looking for a filter that “improves” her physique, until it reaches the point of not looking like her.

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In addition, it shows all the effort they put into modifying their image, to be “accepted” on the networks and receive thousands of likes, something that must change.

“At Dove, we want to change the situation and contribute tools, such as our educational guide for parents and families, to help young people navigate social networks in a positive way,” explained Sandra Andrés Bach, Marketing Manager of Skin Category at Unilever.

So, if you have a daughter, nieces, cousins, sisters, or any young person you know, it is important that we help her increase her self-esteem and stop modifying her beauty.

They need to know that not everything is what it seems in networks, and they should not join this practice of filtering images to feel better, they should value every aspect of their image and its natural beauty.

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