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The curse of Buzova: another former presenter happily married a second time

Olga Buzova reminds the heroine of the film – the men with whom she once had a relationship, soon meet new companions and go with them to the registry office. Denis Lebedev was no exception.

Denis Lebedev quickly became famous and just as quickly was consigned to oblivion. Initially, the man became famous as a participant and winner of the show “Marry Buzov”. It was a cheese maker from Suzdal who won the favor of Olga Buzova and stole her heart.

It seemed that the scenario was perfect: the couple rested a lot and shared joint pictures, but later it turned out that all Denis’s actions were a carefully thought-out plan. He was immediately dubbed a liar and a hypocrite.

But even such a dubious character from Buzova’s life was lucky – the man met a notary, Ekaterina Panova, and fell in love. In this story, there is no smell of PR and the desire for fame – the couple shares a metered amount of happy moments of life together.

Lebedev spoke about one of these on his Instagram. Denis posted a video in which he demonstrates wedding rings with his chosen one.

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“Friends! A woman walks out of promiscuity, and a man out of sadness! This does not apply to Katya and me, we are happy on our own and endlessly together, thanks for the visiting ceremony, “Lebedev wrote in a post.

Followers rushed to congratulate the couple on a new stage in the relationship and left their comments:

“Denis, I congratulate you and your wife on this wonderful event! Be very, very happy! I will never forget how you and your sisters gave me a lot of delicious cheese in Suzdal! ”,“ Swan loyalty, warmth and tenderness, every day – patience, in marriage – respect. Sweets for you only! And on the wedding day “Bitter!”

The announcement of the wedding seemed ambiguous to some. Lebedev’s words about who walks and under what circumstances made the followers think about Olga Buzova. Netizens thought: the man hinted that he entered into a relationship with the singing presenter only out of boredom.

Recall that the show “Marry Buzov” aired in 2018. The presenter and singer then decided to try her luck and build love on the project, but the promising novel turned out to be a hoax. A correspondence appeared on the Web, in which Lebedev announced a clear plan for the conquest of Olga – up to spending on a girl.

It is known that Denis was previously married to Anna Kochetova. From this relationship, he has a son, Ivan.

Photo: @, @notariuspanova, @ buzova86 / Instgram, Persona Stars

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