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The curious story of why it’s called a French kiss and how to do it like an expert

For whatever reason, we use the French adjective for a lot of delicious and enjoyable things. There we have the French fries, the French manicure and why not, the french kiss, one of the most sensual you can give and is that it involves a great level of intimacy with your partner, but do you know Why is it called that way?

Although humans have been kissing for centuries, the term of french kiss It is relatively new, to be exact it was around 1923 that this classification began to be used to describe passionate kisses, with open mouths and in which the tongues of both people play an important role.

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Why is it called a French kiss?

Although there is no 100% sure answer, the closest theory comes from the researcher Sheril Kirshenbaum, who in her book “The science of kissing: what our lips tell us”States that the term “French kiss” began to be used in 1923, after the American soldiers will return from Europe after the First World War.

What does the First World War have to do with the kiss, you may be wondering … because that is how the term American coffee came about by the soldiers who were looking for a less loaded coffee such as espresso, American fighters discovered the passionate and free way that French women kissed.

Although the soldiers were not the ones who coined the term, they did help popularize the way of “kissing like the French”, a term that took much more relevance after World War II according to Kirshenbaum.

It should be noted that in France, this type of kiss is not called French, but is simply a kiss. However, due to the popularity of the term and the technique, in 2013 a term was introduced to describe the act: “galocher”, which means to kiss with tongues.

How to do or give a French kiss?

As we mentioned before, this type of kiss is one of the most sensual and intimate, so it is important to know how to read your partner’s body language and maintain constant communication to know how to improve it.

However, the French kiss is most natural. Start with a normal kiss and slightly open your lips.

Little by little, introduce the tip of your tongue and play with it. Make sure they are smooth and subtle movements, otherwise you could discourage your partner.

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