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The Cupra Born, the brand’s first electric, does its thing at -30 ° C

In 2018 we told you about the Seat team that travels three months each year to the northernmost point of Europe to test the new models that have not yet reached the street (see note). Now it is the turn of the Cupra Born, the new electric model that is already in the final phase shaping the independent brand precisely from the Seat wing.

As detailed by the new European company, this is the last batch of tests after two years in which its behavior has been examined under the most difficult conditions possible. And of course, everything is with a view to putting Cupra’s first electric car on the road, so nothing can be left to chance.

The durability test consists of driving 30 thousand kilometers during the day and night in order to ensure that the Born delivers its best performance regardless of the conditions. “The dynamism of Cupra’s first 100% electric car has been a crucial aspect in the development. The chassis and the different suspension firmness settings are put to the test on a circuit that is located on a frozen lake, where the inner part of the track is more polished and the outer part less, to promote sliding. In this way, the engineers guarantee sportiness without impact on the environment ”, he explains.

Due to the same displacement in all directions, ice is also very conducive to testing braking capacity. “The Cupra team recreates the most difficult situations and the sensors on the four wheels analyze each type of terrain to find the balance, providing the most stable braking and grip capacity.”

So far, Cupra’s first 100% electric vehicle has successfully passed each of the more than 1,000 extreme tests. The elements of technology, performance, dynamism, precision braking and comfort have withstood the most extreme climates and now we only have to wait for its world premiere that will take place in the first days of May.

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