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The creators of Clash of Clans prepare three new mobile games

Supercell will continue to exploit its goose that lays golden eggs

Clash of Clans is not the only successful game that Supercell has to its credit, but it is the one that helped them become who they are right now: one of the most important mobile video game developers in the world and also one of the most profitable. And it is that not only that title was a success, others that came later such as Clash Royale, Boom Beach or Brawl Stars also swept the App Store and Play Store.

Well now Supercell announces that it is working on new games based on the same Clash of Clans universe. These titles are Clash Quest, Clash Heroes, and Clash Mini. Three proposals of which not much is known yet because they are in an initial development phase, but something can be intuited as a result of what the company itself has shared in said announcement.

Clash Quest

We start with Clash Quest, a game that will mix the mechanics of the popular Candy Crush and turn-based fighting. For all those and you like the tactical theme, it will be an interesting title in which you are going to start with a small army made up of different troops that you can combine to attack your enemies.

All these troops can be improved and empowered through the different objects that can be obtained during each game. This way you will have options to beat your rivals despite not starting with the same initial advantages, or on the contrary and being the one who suffers those improvements in the rival army.

Clash Heroes

Breaking a bit the usual that is seen in many other games based on Clash of Clans, in the future Clash Heroes it seems that you are going to have to choose which character to control and move through different scenarios as if it were the Blizzard Devil.

It may be the most interesting of the three and the one who wins the most has already many users. In addition, graphically it looks very good thanks to the use of Unreal Engine as a graphics engine.

Clash Mini

By last, Clash Mini It seems that it will be one of those ideal games for very fast games. As you can see, it is a title that will remind other already existing ones like DOTA Underlords, in which we have a small board where you can move your characters in the style of the classic game of chess.

You want to know more?

If you’ve been wanting to know a lot more, for now we can only tell you that the only option is to follow Supercell’s social networks closely or sign up for the mailing list where they will share new advances. A list that you can customize for the title you are most interested in or all three directly.

Of course, although many may already be rubbing their hands with one of these titles directly with all three, it is important to note that there may be changes between now and its official launch. What’s more, some might not even end up seeing the light if they consider that the quality is not what they are looking for. But we will see that as the date approaches. For now, if you are one of those who enjoy each and every one of their games, you are in luck.

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