The COVID-19 vaccine caused an unexpected short circuit in the biweekly meeting of Together for Change

Again, differences arose in the virtual meeting of Together for Change
Again, differences arose in the virtual meeting of Together for Change

Together for Change agreed on the importance of starting the vaccination against COVID-19, but warned about the lack of information on the subject and asked give certainty to the population.

“The vaccination operation must have the verifiable scientific information and the approval process must be serious and consistent in the hands of our technical bodies ”, highlighted the National Table of the opposition coalition after the Zoom that they maintain every two weeks.

In the virtual meeting, some differences between Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and Patricia Bullrich: while the president of the PRO proposed toughen the position of the opposition coalition against the Russian vaccine, the head of the Buenos Aires government proposed do not directly attack Sputnik V and affirmed that the doctors who advise him in the City of Buenos Aires advise that vaccines be applied as soon as possible, especially those over 60 years old.

That is why he asked that Together for Change did not get involved in the scientific and health issue, Although it is different, he clarified, asking the Government to provide accurate information about the topic.

Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta
Patricia Bullrich and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Bullrich considered that the Government politicized the issue of the Russian vaccine and that until now there was no reply any to the requests for reports made by opposition legislators.

When the debate was opened, a point of agreement could be reached: it was agreed to question lack of transparency that the Casa Rosada is managing the vaccination process and insisting in Congress with the report requests to the Executive Branch and in the interpellation from the Minister of Health, Ginés González García, that were presented by opposition legislators.

Several of the referents of Juntos por el Cambio highlighted how little is known so far about vaccines and questioned the Pressure that the Government exercised on ANMAT to expedite the authorization of Sputnik V, which this Tuesday will begin to be applied in Argentina without Russia having published scientific results on its efficacy and safety levels.

In addition to Rodríguez Larreta and Bullrich, the other members of the JxC national leadership participated in the Zoom: Mauricio Macri, Cristian Ritondo and Humberto Schiavoni, by the PRO; Alfredo Cornejo, Mario Negri, Luis Naidenoff and Martin Lousteau, by the UCR; Maximiliano Ferraro, Juan Manuel López and Maricel Etcheconi, by the ARI Civic Coalition, and Miguel Angel Pichetto. Just missed Maria Eugenia Vidal.

Together for Change again rejected the new pension formula that the Chamber of Deputies will deal with this Tuesday
Together for Change again rejected the new pension formula that the Chamber of Deputies will deal with this Tuesday

The other topic under discussion was the new retirement mobility formula promoted by the Government and that this Tuesday will be debated in the Chamber of Deputies. On this point, the leaders of the main opposition force once again raised their opposition to the change proposed by the ruling party because, as they agreed, “It hits the pockets of retirees because they will lose money in relation to the Let’s change formula by not considering the inflation variable.”

The great theme of the week that was absent from the meeting was that of the legalization of abortion, which this Tuesday will be dealt with by the Senate and in which the referents of Together for Change agreed that there will be “freedom of conscience” to vote for or against the project. At Zoom, it was only agreed that the importance of the issue will make other issues take a backseat.

Schiavoni, head of the PRO senators’ bloc, denied Infobae that there is pressure from Macri or other leaders to prevent the approval of a law that will mean a political victory for Alberto Fernández and said: “In the inter-block we have resolved freedom of action, freedom of conscience regarding the content of the vote and freedom of quorum because it was speculated that our greens were not going to provide a quorum to bring the session down.

On the other hand, in a statement, Together for Change sent a “special greeting to all the Argentine people who passed a difficult year with great sufferings, where more than 42,000 families lost loved ones, merchants, workers and the self-employed lost their jobs and income and education went into a collapse with a whole year without face-to-face schools ”.

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