“My friend told with horror that for a couple of days she had felt an unpleasant smell near the neighbor’s door. I called the police. They broke down the door. I will not specify the details, but for two weeks the deceased hostess, a very good actress – Nina Zotkina lay there, ”Degtyar said on his Facebook page.

There is no exact data yet on what caused the death. It is only known that the artist has lived alone since 2005 – after the death of her husband, actor Alexei Pankin, she did not marry. “Until recently, Nina dreamed of planting roses on her plot and celebrating her 90th birthday under them,” Degtyar said.

Note that Nina Zotkina graduated from the Shchukin School. She played more than 30 roles in films, most of all remembered by the audience for the roles of Olga Chumakova in the film “Two on the way” and for the role of Evgenia in the film “Schedule for Tomorrow”.