The coronavirus vaccine is already in Neuquén

After passing through La Pampa, Andreani’s truck, in charge of bringing the coronavirus vaccine to Alto Valle, arrived at the company’s warehouse in the Industrial Park around 9 p.m. Minutes before noon, the convoy carrying Sputnik V left the party in Santa Rosa and continued on its way to Neuquen and Río Negro.

The vehicle, with special refrigeration equipment, was moved accompanied by Federal Police mobiles and then the troops from the Pampean force joined as escorts for part of the journey.

“He went through the Catriló Caminero Post and, due to a contractual issue with the company and the Nation, the vaccinations they were left in the firm’s warehouse. They will be delivered to the Lucio Molas hospital tomorrow at 8, as agreed, “they detailed and published in El Diario de La Pampa, where around 1,150 doses of the 2,300 that were assigned to that province were downloaded.

The same truck continued its journey to Neuquén, where 1,800 doses were received, and to Río Negro, where another 2,200 were destined.

It should be noted that this is the first round of vaccines, since next week the other part of the shipment is expected to arrive in the Alto Valle to finally complete the number of doses of 3,600 (Neuquén) and 4,400 (Río Negro).

This is how the vaccine came to Neuquén

Agustin Martinez

-> The distribution

The first trucks loaded with the Sputnik V vaccine began to leave this Sunday at four in the morning from the distribution center, located in the Buenos Aires town of Avellaneda, to different provinces of the country.

The company selected by the National Government to carry out the important task is Andreani, who trained a group of workers especially to transport the 42 thermopallets that contain the vaccines in semi-trailers conditioned for biological products refrigerated at a temperature of between -18 ° C and -30 ° C.

-> On Tuesday the vaccination begins

After the meeting of President Alberto Fernández with the governors of all the provinces this Saturday, it was decided that the vaccination campaign to face the coronavirus will begin on Tuesday 29.

Although the first idea of ​​the Neuquén governor, Omar Gutiérrez, was to start the vaccination on Monday, the decision was finally made on the basis of the meeting with the rest of his peers and the president.

“The vaccines will arrive in the provinces on Monday at 10 am. On Tuesday morning we can start vaccinating all together, ”Fernández told the governors at the virtual meeting yesterday afternoon.

The goal is to reach the fall with the population at risk vaccinated.

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