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The conversation between Carolina Herrera and her daughter on Mother’s Day

Not every day it is possible to listen to a daily conversation between Carolina Adriana Herrera and her mother, Carolina Herrera, but on the occasion of Mother’s day, miracles happen and the New York-based firm revealed a most intimate chat between both designers and businesswomen, highlighting their complicity and their undeniable sense of humor.

On the occasion of this very special day, the founder of the eponymous firm Carolina Herrera and his daughter kept a telephone conversation where it is possible to know the essence of the relationship they maintain, beyond their elegance for which both are recognized worldwide from their fashion and fragrances division.

Only between mother and daughter could these special talks occur. Between joke and joke, the iconic designer revealed that she would like to celebrate Mother’s Day with all her daughters by receiving flowers. He also said that if he had to go to a desert island, he would take a white shirt (It could not be otherwise) and a bikini, although, yes, it would not be something that he would wear the rest of his life because ‘when they are going to bury me in the urn, a white shirt and a bikini ‘, to which her daughter replies’ Only you would think how you are going to look when they are going to bury you’.

‘Mommy, am I a good daughter?’ the Venezuelan asks her mother, who laughs, ‘Very good, sometimes’ and concludes with a phrase that, without a doubt, perfectly describes the dynamic complicity between mothers and daughters: ‘You have to have mystery in life, but between mother and daughter there cannot be so much mystery’, something with which many of us can feel identified, since there is little that can be hidden from mother without her discovering it before (even than ourselves).

The entire conversation pertaining to the #CallYourMom campaign, will be available soon on the platforms Spotify, Apple Podcast and Google Podcast.

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