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The company involved in the case of animal abuse requests a voluntary inspection

Madrid, Apr 10 (EFE) .- Vivotecnia, the Madrid biotech company in which animal abuse has allegedly been practiced, has requested a voluntary inspection from the competent authority “as soon as possible.”

In a statement, its executive director, Andrés König, points out that he has viewed with “great concern” the images and videos that have been published in various media, images that have left him “dismayed and concerned” and that do not represent “the day-to-day reality “at Vivotecnia during its 21 years of existence.

Yesterday, the Cruelty Free International organization released a video showing the alleged animal abuse and extreme cruelty to which experimental animals are subjected at Vivotecnia, a laboratory dedicated to toxicological and pharmaceutical research based in Madrid.

The video, which is posted on the NGO’s website and has been edited for publication, shows how animals are abused and reflects bad practices in experiments.

The publication of these images has provoked criticism from several research centers and organizations, and a civil campaign on the platform that has already obtained more than 45,000 signatures to ask the Community of Madrid to immediately withdraw the license to Vivotecnia and close its facilities in the capital.

“Some images are especially shocking to me, since they go directly against the written protocols of the company that all the personnel involved must know and respect”, indicates its executive director.

“They clearly do not represent respect for the experimental animal and the avoidance of all possible damage and stress that we have tried to instill since the beginning of Vivotecnia”, adds König, who indicates that, although they have occurred exceptionally, they require measures.

For this reason, Vivotecnia has convened its ethics and operations committee to analyze the cases, as well as clarify responsibilities, and has agreed to review the training of all personnel and increase the control and video surveillance measures.

It has requested “a voluntary inspection from the competent animal welfare authority of the Community of Madrid and the health police.”

Likewise, it will improve “the definition of procedures so that there is no room for misunderstandings in the management and care of animals” and will instill a culture of zero tolerance of this behavior in all personnel so that in the event that these events occur up the entire chain of command.

This Saturday, the organization for the defense of animals AnimaNaturalis has announced that it will take legal action against this laboratory. EFE


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