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The classic pixie haircut returns as a favorite for summer 2021

There is no achair orte tan timeless As the ‘pixie’. A surprisingly versatile style that works with all textures and faces. Recently he was in the center of attention again thanks to Rihanna and Lea Seydoux, who decided to get rid of their manes and wear one of the most demanded styles of this summer 2021.

We will call ‘pixie moderno’ to this renewed classic.

Of course many others have worn this ‘look’ in the past. Since Linda Evangelista, even icons like Audrey Hepbrun, until reaching Zöe Kravitz, Halle Berry y Charlize Theron, who have tried to frame their face with this cut and have achieved excellent results. Let us remember that the ‘pixie’ It is one of the ideal haircuts to give volume.

‘It’s a cut that revolves around trust,’ he says. Luke Hersheson, CEO of the hair care brand Hershesons. ‘It’s not a cut you should try because you broke up with someone or because you want a change in your life‘, comments us.

He also adds: ‘You should try it when you really feel like it is what you are looking for. You should feel comfortable with this cut, because it exposes you and makes you feel exposed, especially if you’ve been wearing long hair for some time. ‘ So keep this in mind: Beyond the haircut trends in 2021, it must be a personal decision.

While some of us may have a hard time recognizing ourselves as ‘safe’ after living a pandemicAt least we are ready to undergo a change. From the editorial team we believe that this is what has motivated the increase in people requesting the ‘pixie’ in your living room.

‘During our quarantine, many of us went through times when our hair didn’t look the way we wanted it to, and we learned to cope and live with it. So this automatically makes you more receptive to change. ‘ Hersheson while affirming that the phrase ‘Take risks’ it has become part of the vocabulary of her clients.

“There is a feeling of openness to try everything at this time, life is very short,” says the stylist.

How to achieve a modern pixie cut in 2021?

The most modern way to wear a corte’pixie’, that they approve both Rihanna What Léa Seydoux, is with a relaxed texture (almost careless). For this you must know how to play with the haircut and use the correct products. First of all, it states Hersheson, the cut must be done professionally.

‘It should not be a precise cut, thinking about traditional techniques, but rather it should be done with blades and freehand, so that it looks very well cut and achieved, without much effort,’ he says. Hersheson. ‘Your stylist needs to make sense of each layer, beyond worrying about whether the sides are symmetrical or not.’

After all, the products you apply play a decisive role in achieving that relaxed effect and texture. Hersheson He is a fan of the cream (one of his products, in fact) called ‘Almost Everything’ to define and give volume to the hair.

‘When you wash your hair with a corte’pixie’, it tends to stay very smooth and fall off. Defining creams will allow you to achieve that just-awakened hair look. ‘

Article originally published in Vogue UK,

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