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The checked trousers worn by Lady Di are back in fashion and so you can wear them

Lady Di was not only one of the most beloved women in all of history. His style of dress set the trend and this is the date he continues to do so.

The pink gingham print pants she wore in 1986 are back in fashion. She combined them with a white blouse, matching sweater and white loafers.

It is an occasional look with which Lady Di showed a simple, but effective spring style. Despite being very inspiring, it has not been easy to find similar pants that have a high rise and something cropped low.

The return of Lady Di’s checkered pants

Fortunately, this year Zara, among the dozen garments that it offers with a picnic print, also presents some gingham trousers that inevitably recall those worn by Lady Di.

Although Zara offers them with the same tone that the princess wore them, the holdings indicate that They can also be worn in other colorss, like the always classic black or neutral blue. You can pair these pants with classic shirts, just like Diana did, for an elegant and sophisticated look, but at the same time youthful and fun.

If you want something more relaxed and casual, El Heraldo shows us how combine these plaid printed pants with white t-shirts or crop top, or a smooth tone that matches the color of the pants. You can also add a denim jacket to the outfit that will give it a more rocker style.

Princess Diana continues to command style more than two decades after her death. These plaid pants make us remember her and it is simply that his style is undoubtedly immortal.

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