The CDMX begins 2021 with the prohibition of single-use plastics

Starting this friday January 1, 2021, is prohibited, in Mexico City, the marketing, distribution and delivery of forks, knives, spoons, mixing sticks, dishes, popotes o straws, cotton swabs, globos and balloon rods, cups and their lids, food transport trays, tampon applicators, made wholly or partially of plastics, designed for disposal after single use, except those that are compostable.

The Ministry of the Environment (Sedema) of the capital, through the General Directorate of Impact Assessment and Environmental Regulation (DGEIRA), recalled that the reforms to the Solid Waste Law, where the commercialization, distribution and delivery of single use disposable plastics.

“The main objective with this prohibition that comes into force as of today is to achieve a responsible consumption, where the citizens of the capital are increasingly aware and stop using single-use plastics so as not to generate pollution to the city and the planet. It is about becoming more and more aware and stop using disposable plastics so as not to generate pollution to the city and the planet ”, said Andrée Lilian Guigue Pérez, General Director of Impact Assessment and Environmental Regulation (DGEIRA).

He recalled that a year ago the commercialization, distribution and delivery of single-use plastic bags was prohibited and in order to verify that this prohibition was fulfilled, SEDEMA personnel visited 2 thousand 76 establishments located in squares and commercial corridors. From January to November 30, 2020, 54 inspection tours were carried out where 174 warnings were applied to premises that did not comply with the regulations.

Guigue Pérez said that even in a pandemic the Government of Mexico City The ban on single-use plastic bags and products will not be reversed, since it is demonstrated by the World Health Organization (WHO) that the COVID-19 virus remained in plastic for four days, so He reiterated that the reuse and use of durable products and materials should be privileged to avoid the negative environmental impacts of disposable products.

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The Environment Secretary reported that the campaign “Sustainable city, goodbye to disposables” began a month ago, through which it seeks to sensitize and create awareness about the elimination of these products from daily life.

The information campaign includes work and communication actions with the 16 municipalities, with merchants, people who work in markets, tianguis, with the media, businessmen, as well as all those companies or businesses that use to transport and deliver the use of that type of products that next year will be prohibited.



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