The Capitol storm is the result of Trumpism

Et has happened as many had feared, how many others, regardless of the heated atmosphere of the past few days, did not think it possible: so-called demonstrators stormed the Capitol in Washington. Thousands besieged the symbol of American democracy as the two chambers met to confirm the results of the state presidential election and the victory of Democrat Joe Biden. The Vice President, whom Donald Trump had denigrated hours earlier, had to be brought to safety, and MPs and senators had to seek refuge somewhere.

The pictures that go around the world on Wednesday are the incredible low point of the Trump presidency. To say they are unworthy of the United States is a gross understatement. They are a shame for the country, which not only sees itself as the supremacy of democratic states. The violence is the product of Trumpism; it is the result of four years of agitation, denigration and demonization.

Poured fuel on the fire

Hours earlier, Trump had poured fuel on the fire in front of his supporters – on a day when senators and MPs should and wanted to fulfill their constitutional duty. Those Republicans who have made themselves irresponsible accomplices to a president who is reluctant to admit defeat and may not be in his right mind are at great guilt. That the security forces were not in control of the situation is another story.

This drama shows in condensed form the state of the United States and the extent to which it is divided. Just hours before a mob attacked the Capitol, a black Democratic candidate had won a by-election to the Senate in Georgia. He is the first ever African American to represent the state in the Washington Senate – an historic result. What is happening in the capital, the rotten fruit of conspiracy gossip, is historic because it is so shameful.

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