The Brochero Santo Theme Park – Siempre Juntos was inaugurated

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A new icon of national religious tourism was opened in Traslasierra, with the inauguration of the Brochero Santo Theme Park, an attraction that offers the public a tour inspired by the life, work and miracle of the Argentine canonized by the Vatican.

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The inauguration was going to be in March of last year but was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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“It is a must-see attraction in the town, an exciting journey that begins with the birth and runs through each stage of the saint’s life until the moment of his death, ending with his miracle,” he told Chain 3 the mayor Carlos Oviedo.

From the air, the architecture of the park, almost two hectares in size, represents the figure of a denarius lying on the ground.

The cross, formed by the main cobblestone paths, has an extension of 100 meters, and in its center there is an immense pillar with the image of the Saint.

The one-hour tour costs $ 200 with guided tours, for the general public, $ 100 for retirees and children up to 6 years old and is free for residents.

Each of the denarius beads works as a closed station of 80 square meters where the main moments of the life, work and miracles of José Gabriel del Rosario Brochero are experienced.

The sculptures were made by the artist Fernando Pugliese, who worked with the hyperrealism technique in epoxy resin and fiberglass, and was the creator of the Tierra Santa Park in Buenos Aires.

The route invites you to walk along wide trails that link one station with another, forming a 440 linear meter cordon and accompanied by a unique landscape in the region that invites you to contemplate nature and its cycles.

Report by Roberto Fontanari.

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