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The Bowie Effect Column – Why Having a Puppy Is Handy

Yesterday my human man read out old dog columns and said: “Jule, you really complain a lot about Winnetou. You are not married at all. ”

The woman threw a pillow at his head. And I’ve made up my mind to spend one day writing only good things about my new little brother.

Winnie is cozy. As soon as I lie on the sofa, he comes cuddled and licks my fur. Sometimes I growl to keep up the ungracious appearance, but the truth is, I love it.

► The little one is a bubbly source of dog biscuits! I haven’t received a reward for a simple “sit” for a long time. But when people train with Winnie, they can hardly ignore me as soon as I sit down next to him with a questioning expression.

► But the best thing is: Since Winnie started digging holes in the garden, I’ve hardly received any complaints. Even with gnawed cables or toothbrushes, the puppy is now automatically considered suspect.

I think as soon as Winnie grows up, I will want another little brother!


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