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The Bold Type: of millennials, glamor and a prevailing empowerment

All millennial grew up watching Sex and The City on television (we have no proof, but no doubts about this statement either). For your fortune (and ours, clearly) The Bold Type It comes to remind us how much we fell in love with and how this enigmatic series, led by women, managed to break stereotypes and standards at the time. The truth is that in modern times, there are certain circumstances in Sex and The City that they are not very appropriate to the current times and that could be frowned upon in a generation that has run into various barriers. And boy, has it transcended them!

And it is precisely for this reason that the changes in the content of what we see are to improve this and the generations to come, so series like The Bold Type show us, as it did at the time Sex and The City, the reality of the world of work for women talking about issues such as gender barriers, inclusion and diversity in the world of fashion. So it has become one of the series that deals with the most relevant fashion and one of our favorites to talk about female empowerment, and that is why we tell you everything you need to know about it.

What is The Bold Type about?

We could only stay with the small synopsis that the internet makes about its first season: ‘Three millennials who work in a women’s magazine deal with their careers, love affairs, friendships and life in New York while trying to discover their own identity’. However, after knowing more about their next installments, we could describe The Bold Type as an intense combination between series like, Emily in Paris, of course Sex and The City, some little nods to Gossip Girl and Younger for their editorial theme.

The difference lies, and therefore the success of this sensational series, in the way in which the three protagonists manage to combine the job successes, with their love relationships while challenging all the social stigmas that women experience in today’s world of work. The way in which the series approaches these, is highly outstanding, intertwining comedy, romance, satire and drama, to leave us as a result a subtle form of highly precise and effective feminine empowerment in a world, as well represented by the Scarlet magazine (where our protagonists work), led by white men. Making clear the imperative need for inclusion and diversity that is so lacking in this society.

The Bold Type y su parecido con Sex and The City

The parallelism that exists between one series and another is evident. Despite airing just under 20 years apart, both Sex and The City What The Bold Type They stand out for addressing the most important issues of the relevance of women in the world of fashion. Although, the one released in 1998, narrates the life of Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), inspirada en Candace Bushnell, we can say that from that moment the similarities begin to be the one launched in the middle of 2017, inspired by the life of her own Joanna Coles, former editor of Cosmopolitan magazine and who is an executive producer of the series.

However, the similarities do not end there, a group of middle-aged friends with love problems looking to find a way to work as well, boyfriends who turn out to be more toads than brave princes, themes of empowerment, inclusion and diversity, the city ​​that brings it all together: New York and, of course, one of the most prominent issues: glamor and fashion. They leave us a list of reasons why The Bold Type, without being the replacement as is Sex and The City, deserves a place of respect in our hearts.

Who stars in The Bold Type?

The group of friends led by Katie Stevens in the role of Jane, a newly promoted writer at the magazine, are added Aisha Dee like Kat, the director of social media and the clear representation of the lack of racial diversity in the industry, and Meghan Fahy as Sutton, an assistant at the women’s magazine Scarlet. The main trio is joined by the participation of Sam Page, Matt Ward Y Melora Hardin, the latter in the role of the magazine’s chief director and who without any doubt reminds us of the iconic Miranda Priestly.

Where to see The Bold Type?

The series produced by Universal Television and launched in 2017 has featured positive reviews throughout each of its seasons, the first standing out with a 95% rating for the Rotten Tomatoes site, which has become one of the main options for fashion series to watch on Netflix.

How many seasons does The Bold Type have?

Currently the catalog of the giant of streaming has the first four deliveries of the successful series released between 2017 and 2020. With 10 chapters until its third season and 16 in its fourth, The Bold Type wait a fifth and final season to make the final outcome of its three protagonists, which is expected to be released, in the absence of confirmation of the exact date, this 2021 with the 6 final chapters.

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