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The block of death for Morena

We told him that with the beginning of 2021 the negotiations for Morena’s candidacies for mayors will also intensify, especially in what some call the block of death – when making a comparison with the groups of the World Cup where there is high competition -. The Electoral Institute of Mexico City (IECM) determined the competitiveness blocks for political parties to assign candidacies to women. Thus, in Morena, the death bloc is made up of Cuauhtémoc, Tlalpan, Azcapotzalco, Gustavo A. Madero, Iztacalco and Tláhuac and the atorón is there, at six o’clock and only one candidate and elected mayor was a woman: Patricia acevesThe rest are men, so if they do not find a loophole, there will be at least two men who will not be able to compete for reelection, because there must be three men and three women as candidates.

They apply expropriation for real estate 19-S

For three years, when an earthquake occurred on September 19, 2017, leaving thousands of victims, the authorities at that time had said that they would not carry out the expropriation of damaged buildings and devised other ways to carry out the reconstruction. However, due to various legal problems to grant a new home, the Reconstruction Commission, in charge of Cesar Cravioto, decided that in some cases expropriation should be applied and thus unblock conflicts between neighbors. Thus, the first case has already occurred. It will be the emblematic of Zapata 56, a residential building whose sale was presumed to be anti-seismic; However, in 19-S it collapsed, in addition to the criminal and administrative complaints, now the Government opts for expropriation and we are told that it will not be the only one.

Semovi stretches the league with motorcycle taxis

In the process of regularizing bicycle taxis, motorcycle taxis and golf taxis, the Ministry of Mobility (Semovi) of Mexico City, which heads Andres Lajous, It seems that he encountered certain difficulties, so he had to expand the process so that the individuals and legal entities that operate these alternative means of transport, but without being in the law, provide their information so that the authorities of the capital dependency can take carry out the diagnosis that is a previous step for what will be the regulation. So Don Andrés gave them 39 more days to hurry up and deliver the information.

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