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The bet of ‘Tecatito’, to stay in Porto instead of going out like Herrera, bears fruit in the Champions League

Regarding the commitment between Porto and Chelsea, ESPN Digital remembers the Mexican players who have played the Quarterfinals of the most important club competition in the world.

Mexican footballers Jesús Corona and Héctor Herrera shared a dressing room for four years in the Old Continent when both formed the Porto squad. However, in 2019, Herrera, who was captain of the Dragons, decided to leave the institution and join Atlético de Madrid, while ‘Tecatito’ stayed at the club even though it was of interest to important teams in Europe.

Almost two years after their last game together, Corona and Herrera have very different presents with the former Monterrey player being one of Porto’s top referents. For his part, the native of Rosarito, Baja California, has had good moments with the Colchoneros, but has not managed to position himself as a permanent element in Diego Simeone’s starting scheme and on more than one occasion there has been speculation about his departure.

In the 2019/20 season, Corona shone with Porto as one of the best assists in Europe with 21 passes to goal. ‘Tecatito’ played a total of 47 games in the campaign and scored four touchdowns. It should be noted that in the Portuguese league, Jesús participated in 33 matches being a starter in all commitments. This season, he has 12 assists and three goals in a total of 39 games.

For his part, Herrera, in his first season with the Colchoneros, took five weeks to debut in LaLiga and it was until the end of 2019 when he managed to get a place in the stellar lineup of ‘Cholo’ Simeone. In February 2020, weeks before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, he missed five encounters due to physical discomfort.

At the resumption of the Spanish Championship in mid-June of last year, Héctor had minutes in the first games, although he ended the campaign as a substitute in four of the last eight games.

In the 2020/21 season, the ‘Zorro’ has missed a total of 18 matches due to injuries, COVID-19 and family situations. In total, Herrera has only participated in 15 matches -10 in LaLiga and 5 in the Champions League- and registers an attendance. In addition, in the last five Atlético de Madrid commitments in LaLiga, Herrera has only had minutes in two games, so that in the next Summer Market rumors that he would leave Atlético could resurface.

In the Champions League, Atlético de Madrid was eliminated by Chelsea and Porto surprised millions of fans by beating Juventus with a good display from Jesús Corona, who is the only Mexican still in the Champions League.

Regarding the commitment between Porto and Chelsea, ESPN Digital recalls the Mexican players who have played the Quarterfinals of the most important club competition worldwide:


The ‘Kaiser’ is the Mexican who has had the most success in the Champions League by showing off two ‘Orejonas’ conquered with the Barcelona squad. The former Atlas player participated four times in the Champions Quarterfinals.


Like Márquez, Hugo Sánchez, considered the best Aztec footballer of all time, reached the quarterfinal of the European Cup four times, with Real Madrid, but never managed to win the title.


Chicharito played three times in the Champions League Quarterfinals and highlights the 2010-11 campaign in which he reached the Final against Barcelona with Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson placed him as a starter with Wayne Rooney and could not do anything against the powerful culé team. Hernández played the Champions League with United, Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen.


The ‘Zorro’ played twice in the quarterfinals with Porto and the previous season was a starter in the commitment against Leipzig, a team that eliminated Atlético de Madrid in a single match due to the changes implemented by UEFA due to COVID- 19.


The ‘Guille’, a naturalized Mexican Argentine footballer, was part of the spectacular Villarreal who was very close to playing the Champions League Final in 2006, however, he fell in the semifinals against Arsenal. In 2008/09, the ‘Gunners’ were once again the executioner of the ‘Yellow Submarine’, but this time it was in the Quarterfinals instance.


In his first season with Atlético de Madrid, Jiménez played only one Champions League match in the Group Stage and the Mexican was also considered for the return of the Quarter-Finals against Real Madrid, but he had no minutes. In the 2015/16 campaign, Raúl had minutes in Benfica’s quarter-final duels against Bayern Munich and the Aztec shone with a beautiful score, although the Portuguese team was unfortunately eliminated.


In his first opportunity in the Champions League with PSV, the former Chivas player was a key piece for the tulip team to reach the Quarterfinals by beating Arsenal in the Round of 16. Salcido played two more editions of the ‘Orejona’ with PSV, but never again qualified for the decisive rounds.


In the 2008-09 campaign, Giovani enjoyed several opportunities in the Champions League and in the Quarter-Finals against FC Schalke he took part in both games. That was the only time that Dos Santos managed to contest this instance.


In the 2014/15 season, the azulcrema youth squad only played one Champions League match with Porto and, curiously, it was in the return leg of the Quarter-Finals against Bayern Munich, a match in which the Mexican did not have a good performance as a winger and he was substituted in the first part.

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