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The best-selling SUVs in Spain can also be purchased at Wallapop

The best-selling SUVs in Spain can also be purchased at Wallapop

The data does not deceive, those of the Spanish Association of Automobile and Truck Manufacturers (Anfac), show that the sum of the registrations of the Small, medium, large and premium During the whole of last year it reached 436,991 units, which represents 51.4% of the market share.

So yes, we can say that the Sport Utility Wagon, known as SUV for its acronym in English (or SUVs O crossovers), are trendy. The term is coined to refer to models that combine elements of an off-road vehicle and a conventional tourism. If you still have some doubts about their differences, pay attention to these lines below.

SUVs are recognized for their off-road aestheticHowever, due to their qualities they are more oriented to the asphalt. Due to their size and habitability, they offer more space and possibilities than a conventional passenger car with the addition of being able to function off the asphalt thanks to their greater ground clearance, although almost never with capacities similar to those of an off-road vehicle.

For price they are also closer to passenger cars than 4×4 models. Still, if you are on a tight budget or just don’t want to spend more than necessary, remember that a dealership or a newly registered car are not the only options. Did you know you can buy the SUV with more pull from the market in Wallapop? We leave you here some options so that, if you are willing to get one of those fashionable SUVs, you can do it at the best price, with all the guarantees and with a wide variety of options both from private sellers as well as professionals.

Nissan Qashqai

The Qashqai was the SUV best-selling in Spain in 2020 and is also one of the usual models in the general sales ranking. It is a compact SUV, segment C. It came on the market in 2006 and has since undergone three updates. It measures 4.43 meters long and has a 480-liter boot.

New, the Nissan Qashqai is on sale for a starting price of around 33,000 euros. In Wallapop we have found offers of this latest generation with only one kilometer traveled that allow save up to 8,000 euros; more, if the financing conditions are accepted.

Seat Arona

The Arona is the first generation because this B-segment SUV went on sale in 2017. It is the smallest model in Seat’s Sport Utility Wagon range; shares platform, engines and technology with Seat Ibiza.

Compared to the Ibiza, the Arona is eight centimeters longer (4.14 meters) and 10 cm taller, thus placing the driving position in a higher position that is characteristic of this segment. The trunk has 400 liters of capacity; 45 more than the Ibiza with which we are comparing it.

Now let’s go to Wallapop. One of the best offers for the Arona is this one professional seller which advertises it for 16,900 euros (14,900 euros for payment with financing). The seller indicates that it has only traveled 120 km and that it is equipped with all the extras (air conditioning, tires, connectivity …). It offers a 24-month warranty and comes in various colors.

Peugeot 2008

This French is included in segment B, but at 4.3 meters it is one of the largest on the market. Manufactured since 2013, the one for sale is the second generation.

Peugeot 2008 technology usually stands out, especially the so-called Peugeot i-Cockpit, with fully digital instrumentation, and a steering wheel somewhat smaller than that of its rivals, but extremely easy to handle.

The 2008 is not an expensive car. Without too many extras, it can be purchased for less than 23,000 euros at a dealer. At Wallapop, we have found a offer (as advertised by the seller): in orange, with manual climate control, touch screen, factory warranty, emergency braking, involuntary lane change alert … for 17,990 euros.

Renault Captur

If we have compared the Seat Arona with the Seat Ibiza, it is fair to establish the same comparison between the Renault Captur and the Renault Twingo.

Both share a platform, but the crossover It is 11 centimeters longer (4.23 meters) and 1.9 centimeters wider (1.8 meters). The aesthetics of both are also similar; The Captur’s bulging wheel arches that accommodate 18-inch wheels are strikingly striking. Inside, we must talk about the touch screen: it can be seven or 9.3 inches and from it all the infotainment systems, driving aids, connectivity and vehicle settings are controlled.

To exemplify the latest generation Renault Captur offer at Wallapop we have looked for a private ad. As search filters we maintain that they are from 2021 so that the difference with respect to the new registration models is minimal. Well, we have found a brand new Renault Captur for 20,300 euros, that is, almost 3,000 euros less than the cost of the version of access to the range. The seller indicates that he transports it to any point in Spain.

Noelia Lopez April 26, 2021 – 07:13 a.m.

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