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The best ideas to celebrate mom on her day without having to leave home

We believed that the only Mother’s Day that we would have to go through at home would be last 2020, but 12 months later the Covid-19 pandemic is still being fought so the best option is still to entertain mom without putting the family’s health at risk and without this ceasing to mean a special plan.

Despite the confinement, there are many options to live a fun and intimate evening, May you remind you of how lucky we feel to have you with us and thank you for so much love.

Ideas to celebrate Mother’s Day from home

A breakfast in bed

Every good day starts with a good meal and that is why the plan to bring you breakfast just when you wake up is a classic. that never leaves anyone bad. From home you can follow various recipes from YouTube or TikTok to prepare your favorite meal in a big way, like a professional, without having to go to a restaurant.

Movie afternoon for Mother’s Day

As it is about Mother’s Day, this time the movie or series marathon is chosen by her. Prepare or buy some snacks to accompany the Netflix session and they can share laughter, scares or comments while watching the screen.

Table games

On the other hand, moms who love games, trivia and dynamics that involve the whole family they can spend an entertaining afternoon with cards, Parcheesi, Monopoly and any other of that style that makes her laugh in heaps.

Sing karaoke to close Mother’s Day

Likewise, in every home celebration, music and singing at the top of your lungs a set of songs by your favorite artist will surely lift your spirits, In addition, it becomes a perfect plan for the whole family to share as the one who sings the worst can make a challenge.

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