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The best dress for the petite is white, mini and with a well marked waist

The dresses are spring like flowers to perfumes, that is, a fundamental part that constitutes this season because it is versatile, comfortable elegant and extremely feminine. They are essential pieces in our wardrobe and although we can take them at any time of the year, during the next few months they will be vital.

Although there is no such thing as banned garments for petite women, Considering common mistakes when wearing short dresses, especially when you want to make yourself look taller, will help you avoid missteps, even when the dress is short. Gaining centimeters and making your legs look longer is a real possibility, and we have a specific proposal from one of your favorite brands for you to achieve it.

What is one of the best dresses for petites?

The mini copies They are not the only perfect dresses for the short ones in spring, but they are the most flattering for their immediate ease of lengthening our legs. Due to their continuous fabric patterns, dresses can create the illusion of height, not in vain Salma Hayek, Measuring 1.57 m, she suggests to other petite women having this garment as the base of their wardrobe.

Contrary to what may be believed, finding the best silhouette that fits our body is not always an easy task. This is something that the petite women, since sometimes a mini dress it can reach beyond the knees and the waist line well below where it should, although it should not. Bet for belted dresses, like this Zara linen copy It will help focus attention on the waist and consequently lengthen the rest of the body from the abdomen further down.

Just as in photography there is talk of the rule of thirds and the golden ratio, we can think in the same way our body proportion to look taller. This looks more elongated when we divide it into thirds, something that is applicable for all but specifically for the short ones. If you stick to this rule, in addition to other style tricks when wearing, how to avoid looks monocromáticos, Wearing boots that are too high or dresses that are too loose will achieve the desired effect.

As a general rule, we recommend you start by looking for the desired length. Once you have that under control, then bet on clothes like this that fit close to your body (it should not be excessive if you do not feel comfortable with it) and avoid oversize at all costs. Mark the waist with the help of a belt is the best thing you can do. Even if you try to do it from the line under the bust to draw an even longer line, if the garment lends itself to it.

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