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The best approved helmets for bicycles or electric scooters that you can buy

The best approved helmets for bicycles or electric scooters that you can buy

Bicycles and electric scooters have become really useful and practical means of movement. However, the truth is that they also involve certain dangers. Wearing a helmet when riding an electric scooter or bicycle is very important. The speed they are capable of reaching, and very easily thanks to the electric motor, can put us at serious risk. And also, we must bear in mind that an accident with the scooter or an electric bicycle would take us directly to the ground, absorbing the blow with our body.

That is why the helmet takes on a very great relevance. It is true that it will not protect your body when you hit another vehicle or the ground, but it will protect your head. This is vital both so that the silly falls remain only in that, in silly, and so that in case of a serious accident at least your head is protected.

We cannot forget either that current legislation requires wearing a helmet in Spain when using electric scooters, so it is not even an option.

However, choosing between one or the other can be decisive. Its not that easy. It must be a homologated helmet, comfortable to wear, and depending on the type of user you are, you may want it to have some feature, such as the built-in lights themselves.

Whatever your case, these are the best helmets approved for use with bicycles or electric scooters.

An affordable and foldable helmet

The first helmet that we are going to talk about is one of the most groundbreaking when it comes to the concept itself. And it is that it is a folding helmet. It folds into three different pieces, remaining in concentric circles. Not that it’s pocket-sized once folded, but at least we can carry it without any problem in a backpack.

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Regarding the design of the helmet itself, it has a modern look, designed for urban use and not sporty, and it is one of the best options for the summer because the cooling is very good. If you are concerned about how much a folding helmet can protect, you should know that its design and mechanism mean that it cannot be folded in the event of a collision. In fact, the micro movements that it can perform due to its construction in pieces makes it able to absorb more effectively The hit. In any case, it is approved, so it is a good option, and its price is about 50 euros. Cheap considering the price of other folding helmets on the market.

A super low-cost helmet

While it is true that when it comes to safety it is better not to skimp, and that a helmet should always be a quality product, it is also true that many actually only look for a helmet to avoid fines and incidentally if it manages to avoid me a hit, better. What’s more, in some cases the budget may be very limited.

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Either way, this helmet is a good option. Of the cheapest that comply with the EN1078 standard. Aspect it is beautiful and striking, with a sky blue color that stands out. But if something else needs to be highlighted, it would be the design, far from what sports cycling helmets tend to be, which makes it a good option for urban routes. In addition, it does not cover the nape of the neck, which is a good option for the summer. Its price is only 18 euros, and that makes it an ideal option for those looking for a cheap helmet.

The smart helmet

If what you are looking for is a helmet that is very complete, then this is the one you have to buy, because it has all the details you can imagine. To begin with, it has Bluetooth, so you can connect it to your mobile. Carry two built-in speakers with which you can listen to music legally. They are not headphones, and in fact they are not in the area of ​​the ear, so it will not make it difficult for you to listen to traffic any more than a radio would when you are driving. You can also use them to make or receive calls keeping your hands free.

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But in addition to the above, it has a system of 6 LEDs that serve as backlighting so that other drivers can easily see you. And it even has an emergency alert system that sets off an alarm when it detects a hit, and sends the GPS location to the contacts you have configured. It costs 99 euros, but it is a really complete helmet, both to move around the city on a scooter or electric bike or if you go out for a walk with your mountain bike.

A helmet with many lights

One of the great fears that any electric scooter user should have is visibility. The lights of this usually go too low with respect to the body, and also we do not have any light on the sides. The ideal is always to have additional light. And if what worries you is security, a helmet with taillights and headlights is a perfect purchase.

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It is a helmet with an urban type design, and includes some very bright red LED lights in the rear section. Y a pair of white LEDs that illuminate the front and they will help us add more light and improve visibility. We can set the taillights to a fast flash, slow flash, or solid mode. For 44 euros it is a good option if you want a helmet with many lights.

Ready for all weather

When we talk about an electric scooter and visibility we usually talk about the lights at night, but the truth is that we continue to have the same problems as when we drive by car and we have the sun in front of us, which dazzles us. Y With the scooter, an oversight or inaccuracy can lead to a serious blow. This helmet is great for that.

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Count with one sporty design, quite reminiscent of traditional bicycle helmets. However, incorporates red lights in the rear section, and a sun visor on the front. In addition, we can unfold it and use it, or we can upload it and leave it removed if it gets dark and we need to see well. Not only is it ideal for when the sun goes down and faces us, but it also cuts the air and does not force us to close our eyes when there is a lot of wind. The price of this helmet, in addition, is economical, as it costs only 36 euros, and it is one of the best sellers on Amazon.

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