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The best antivirus for Mac

Functions that a good antivirus should have

When choosing a new antivirus you have to carefully analyze everything they are going to offer. The main objective is to defend ourselves against all attacks and that is why all the characteristics must be analyzed in detail. When choosing it, you always have to check that it is going to be protected against ramsonware and, above all, that it has a database that includes a large number of malicious files. Added to this is also the presence of a good firmware so that any file that is written to the storage unit can pass the scan in order to avoid the installation of a virus with malicious programs.

Added to this is the blocking of malicious websites that can lead to pishing. In this way, any link that you open from a suspicious email or from a website will pass this filter. And if you have minor children, it is also important to take into account the parental controls that can be integrated to block the computer for a few hours or prevent access to compromised and sexual websites. And if you want to get one of the best antivirus, you also have to take into account that you can include a password manager to store them safely or reinforce them.

Are there free antivirus for Mac computers?

When you search for an antivirus or any other program, you always want to opt for free alternatives since you are not always interested in spending money on security, unfortunately. Although, you have to be quite careful in this regard since normally those programs that are free always try to find benefits in the traffic of user data. That is why you should always be wary of everything that is free, although there are some important exceptions that offer somewhat basic protection. We must understand that any company always tries to achieve profits since constant development has a cost that has to be recovered by selling products. If you want to achieve the highest possible security and not stay in the basic one, it is always interesting to opt for an annual payment to navigate in a safe way.

Here are some options that are free and that continue to maintain the required quality.


avira antivirus

Undoubtedly one of the best antivirus that offers a free version with more than optimal features. It does not sacrifice computer performance at any time when it comes to actively protecting against malicious files that can be installed while you are surfing the net. In addition, it also protects you from a large multitude of malware as well as it will warn you of outdated programs or passwords that are not completely secure.

AVG Antivirus Free

avg mac

The free version of AVG offers essential protection without going through the box. It will allow you to have the necessary protection against hacker attacks as well as privacy protection and payment protection. This is achieved with a remote access shield that is an additional layer of advanced protection to prevent them from taking over the Mac itself.



Panda Security Antivirus integrates malware blocking on Mac as well as safe browsing by blocking access to fraudulent pages in its database. In this way you can avoid the fall in the pishing that can end up stealing all your information for a bad click. All infected files go through a quarantine process in which you can take the actions you need. For example, you can remove it from the computer and even restore it in the event that it has passed the filter incorrectly. It has a monthly subscription that is more affordable for users of more or less 2 euros, which although it is not free, it is quite cheap.

Recommended antivirus on macOS


bitdefender mac

This antivirus offers real-time protection against viruses and ramsoware. It offers blocking and elimination of adware that is vital when installing different strange programs that can introduce these types of infected files. In addition, a VPN is included to obtain a faster and safer browsing when browsing through public networks such as a bar to get the best of security. All this can be yours with an annual subscription of 59.99 euros.


Norton Mac

Norton is also a classic antivirus system in the digital world. It has the basic protection against spyware, malicious software and ransomware. In order to avoid the loss of data when the computer is infected with a virus that ends up blocking it, it allows making backup copies in the system’s cloud. In addition, it also integrates a firewall for Mac and a password manager that will allow you to have a secure password at all times to avoid hacking in the different logins. It has a base price of 29.99 in its most basic version per year.


McAfee Mac

Antivirus that has been designed for Mac computers and their specifications both for you and for other computers that belong to your family. The analysis is completely flexible since different modalities are included, such as real-time analysis or personalized analysis. Although when talking about a real-time analysis, the performance that can decrease is questioned. While McAfee offers a customizable experience as well as good performance. The subscription price is € 99.95 although you will have protection on 10 devices.

Trend Micro Antivirus Mac

Antivirus Trend Micro

This antivirus offers high security for your Mac without having to overload the CPU, something ideal for those computers that are already a certain age. It offers the necessary protection to be able to navigate through the internet in the event that you enter untrustworthy pages. To all this, it offers protection against ransomware, a password manager as well as parental control so that you can have absolute control over your computer or that of your children. It has a price that starts from 49.95 euros.


Avast Mac

One of the most classic options when talking about antivirus since for years it has remained in Windows with the traditional message ‘the virus database has been updated’. It also has a version for computers with macOS as expected. Although, although it is capable of analyzing all the files that you have stored on your computer quickly, it is not without controversy. Although it has a free version, it can bring you more problems than solutions, but in the paid version this changes completely.

Mac Internet Security

Antivirus Intego

This antivirus stands out for having a very fast and simple installation to be able to start using it immediately. The scanning speed is quite fast as it can take only 30 minutes to do a full scan of all the files you have stored. To this is added that it is capable of detecting and eliminating most of the malware that can be introduced via the internet in the bowels of your computer. In addition, you can make an exhaustive schedule of when you want it to start acting or simply leave it to your choice in an intelligent way. It is not a free program since it has a cost that starts at 49.99 euros, although you can always get an offer.

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