The former goalkeeper of the Sharks will seek his consolidation in the near future in Cruz Azul and in the Tri-Sub 23, although it will not be easy due to the high competition he has in both teams

From that debut in the Opening Tournament 2018 with the set of Veracruz, Sebastian Jurado was awarded the title of goalkeeper with the most saves in the Clausura 2019 Tournament, in addition to obtaining the recognition of Rookie of the Year in the same season, which is why he became the most important player on the shark team until his disappearance from the top circuit.

However, despite the goalkeeper’s level shown, his ‘bad luck’ accompanied them since he could not avoid the descent of the Veracruz, after it became the team that lost the category faster after 21 games without a victory, thus consummating its fifth relegation in its history.

Despite losing the category with Veracruz, the goalkeeper established himself as one of the most important promises in the Mexican football goal, for which he became a player of the Blue Cross for him Clausura 2020 tournament.

Since his arrival, the 23-year-old goalkeeper has not had the desired participation with the first team of the ‘Celeste’ team in the Liga MX. He adds 450 minutes with the minor team and his first opportunity with the star team was in the Concacaf Champions League, where he was the starting goalkeeper in the first leg of the Quarterfinals in the victory of the ‘Celeste Machine’ against the Portmore United.

After not having activity in the regular part of the Guardians 2020, in the final part, the goalkeeper received the opportunity in the second leg of the semifinal against Pumas, where the ‘bad luck’ of the goalkeeper was present again when he received four annotations to be eliminated in one of the biggest ‘crossings’ in history. Veteran Jesus Crown He is the undisputed owner in La Noria and apparently this will be the case for the rest of his contract.

Now in your process with the Mexican National Team U23, Sebastian Jurado held the position of Luis Angel Malagón due to injury, which is why he played the semifinal against the United States and the final of the Pre-Olympic competition against Honduras, providing a great performance.

Despite the good level shown in the dispute for the ticket to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, now there is the possibility that the goalkeeper is left without being the starter in the Olympic competition, after the technical director of the U23 National Team Jaime Lozano would have among his options to reinforce the goal with Alfredo Talavera of Pumas, who takes advantage of Guillermo Ochoa of America, this according to sources consulted by ESPN.